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Hamlet, Ulysses, Sirens and Stepsisters


'Peace' in the Catalan language, spoken in Spain

Spanish children in traditional costume

Here is a paper doll representing Spain from an old paperdoll set, 1934.
Thanks Origamibears for sharing!

I did a little color correcting on the first page of clothes. Do you like it?
I think it is probably closer to the original printing. Just because ours are yellowed now doesn't mean that's what they looked like when first printed!

Today I am sharing 3 of my Collage Art Dolls that have a
'literature' theme.
Reminder: I use all recycled junk mail to make my art!

Go Shakespeare, the Grimm Brothers and Homer!
Shakespeare and Homer don't really fit into a 'fairy tale' category,
thus we have


(feeling a little smarter already?!)

First we will tackle Ulysses and the Sea Sirens.
Ulysses' adventures were first written by Homer,
although Alfred Tennyson later helped him to become famous with his poetry.

'Ulysses and the Sirens'
by Herbert James Draper, c. 1909

Here is a different interpretation by John W. Waterhouse:

I love John William Waterhouse's paintings!
Here is another by him:

'The Siren' by John W. Waterhouse
c. 1900

While I didn't have in mind specifically Ulyesses' Sirens,
here is my take on a Mermaid Siren:

"Mermaid Seductress"
original Collage Art doll by inkspired


Next up, I tackle Hamlet, by William Shakespeare
(although a few disagree that he wrote any of the plays attributed to him.)

I love this next photo.
Edwin Booth is the brother to John Wilkes Booth
who is of course infamous for killing President Abraham Lincoln.
Perhaps you didn't realize that John Wilkes Booth came from a successful acting career, and from a successful family of actors.
Here is Edwin Booth, in the role of Hamlet:

c. 1870, courtesy of wikipedia

So, so many versions of this play have been adapted, tweaked and sometimes almost unrecognizably changed.
Go Shakespeare.
Go Hamlet.

'Hamlet and Ophelia'
by Dante Gabriel Rossetti, c. 1858
in the British Museum, London

Oh, Ophelia is worthy of her very own blog,
so I'm not going into that aspect of Hamlet.
Just Hamlet the agonized prince!

This painting is of Ophelia and the King and the Queen,
but is Hamlet lurking in the background there?

by Henrietta Rae
1859 - 1928

Up next is a photo of the famous American actress
Sarah Bernhardt.
She was famous both here in the USA and in Europe and Britain.
I'm so glad I came across this photo!

Sarah Bernhardt as Hamlet
1880 - 1888
found at wikipedia

Now we have my original Collage Art Doll


'Hamletta' original Collage Art Doll by inkspired


I don't start out a piece as specifically one thing, usually.
I know what it will be after I add a few things.
Sometimes as soon as I find the eyes, I know what the rest should look like.
Sometimes it may be a piece of clothing or accessory,
and I build the collage art doll around that.
Creative processes are rarely definable, I think!
Every now and then I will start with a goal/picture in mind.
Pretty rarely however!

Lets explore the Grimm Brothers fairy tale of


If you have never read the original Grimms Brothers,
I would suggest you try it!
Be sure to get an unabridged version.
Their fairy tales are really pretty gruesome!

Disney's stepsisters, trading pin

Most of us are familiar with the Disney - American versions of their fairy tales.
These are loosly based on the original tales!

coloring page by John Hutton

I would like to focus on those bad, bad stepsisters.
In the musical versions,
Rogers and Hammerstein took a humorous look at the stepsisters.
I recently purchased a copy of the original TV broadcast of Cinderella,
introducing Julie Andrews.
She had already been 'discovered' on Broadway, although she was quite young.
On the DVD there are special features where the actors, director, etc. talk about the hectic schedule they were on to produce this musical.
I love it!

Cinderella and her two stepsisters, unknown

I think my all-time favorite will probably be the second TV version,
with Lesley Anne Warren as Cinderella.
Back in the day, this would be on TV for one night a year.
We always tried to make it a family night and watch it together!

And I just LOVE the songs of the stepsisters....

illustrator uknown - it is in the left hand corner, but I can't read it
and it was not credited on folkard_cindy1  where I found it.
Anyone have details or more info? Let me know!

I do think however that the most handsome-est* prince is the one in
Whitney Houston's Rogers & Hammerstein Cinderella version.

*(You know, that's the great thing about having your own blog -
you can make up words if you want!!)

I haven't seen him on anything else, but I understand
he is a Broadway actor/singer, not really in TV or movies.
Too bad!
I'm not talking princes today, I'm talking stepsisters!

unknown illustrator

Oh well, I do have one more painting I wanted to share,
and of course it has no stepsisters in it,
but I think it is cool....
and it's my blog and I'll do want I want to,
do want I want to...

'Cinderella at Her Mother's Grave'
watercolor by Liga-Marta

Okay, get back in the stepsister mode.
Here is my take:

"Cinderella's Stepsister Steppin' Out"
original Collage Art Doll by inkspired
made from all recycled junk mail
and an imagination run amok....


Hope you have enjoyed this little stroll through 3 great stories,
by 3 great authors (or 4 if you give the Grimm Brothers 2!)

I have been super busy trying to get my new etsy shop all updated and adding new items.

I'm only behind by about 100 images I need to add!!
not going there....
I also have been struggling with Yahoo Small Business,
Yahoo Mail...
and more and more that each have their own little snafus that have to be fixed.
I'm almost getting accustomed
to being on hold for 30 minutes before I speak to anyone.

I also have been trying to work on my 2 websites.
More snafus. More 'on hold'.


I really like showing off my work,
and getting money for it too!!!

and apparently I also like to talk and talk and talk...
so see you soon!


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