Wednesday, May 30, 2012

School's Out - time for summer doings


'Peace" in Albanian

Albanian coin cut-out

School's out and it's time to cram all the fun you can get into just 3 short months.  Or, if you are like the schools here, you have 2 1/2 months, or even a week less than that!
So not fair....

let's find some fun things to do to fill all that glorious 'empty' space!

Blue Eye Spring, Albania

If you can, find a peaceful place where you can hear the birds sing,
the water ripple and dance
the crickets are chirping
and there is a gentle breeze.
and lots of sun!!!

Sometimes the places are right outside your window....


or in your backyard....

vintage illustration

Sometimes you have to travel a bit....

Nooroo Spring Mount Wilson Blue Mountains, Australia
photo cred unknown

That's okay!
Our lives were meant to include at least a bit of nature as often as possible.
Summer is a great time to explore.

vintage bicycling Spanish card

Now that you are outside, there are many things to do...
like -



or -

vintage card with Donald Duck


or -

Damba, Ghana Festival


(Note: I reserved this as an outside activity!!!)

How about.....



or you could -

photo cred unknown


Don't forget to include some friends -

Egyptian children

This should include lots of laughing -

Indian/Gypsy dress at Masala Baby Clothing line

Aren't friends just great?

Here are some ways to do things with friends you already have,
things to do with a new friend -

daisy chain with bee necklace by inkspired

Learn how to bead!
The daisy chain is a favorite of mine -
I find beading sooooo relaxing.

vintage embroidery pattern

Learn how to embroider!
It's a great carry-along craft,
and is fun to do with a Grandparent or brother/sister too!

Get out the crayons and paper!
This sweet robin can get you started.
After you finish coloring her, why not add a tree?
Draw a baby bird nest,
and some more leaves.
Wouldn't flowers at the base look terrific?

Time for scissors and paper scraps!

Cut squares from your paper scraps and form each piece into a cone shape, fastening them closed with scotch type tape.
Depending on the size of your squares will determine the size of your cones.
You can also cut the edges
with all those fun decorative scissors that are out there.
You can double layer the cones like the wonderful etsy artist did above.
Try a mix of bright summer colors.
Now cut a large cardboard circle for the wreath shaped backing
you can purchase a styrofoam type wreath.

Using a heavy glue (like Aleene's Tacky Glue, or...)
start gluing the cones together against the base.
You could also try using a stapler to attach cones to each other.
Using a styrofoam wreath base?
Poke a hole in the base first with the tip of a table knife, or the end of a spoon (not the bowl part).

Are the kids old enough to use a low-temp glue gun?
That would work great!

Send me pictures!

Still got those scissors and paper scraps out?
Let's make party hat invitations
or just pretty hat cards for everyday!

by inkspired
using patterns from Back Street Designs, Inc.

Here is the hat pattern -

Next is the pattern for an inner lining -

You can piece the patterns together to make an envelope just for these cards -

or you can size it just a little smaller and use a regular long envelope
(the actual name is escaping me right now, but they are very common).

by inkspired

Use all those scraps of scrapbooking paper,
and use an inner lining for added sturdiness
card stock
patterned card stock on one side
how about some wallpaper samples?

Be creative and use up what you have - no need to go buy new stuff.

hat cards by inkspired

Now comes the fun part of embellishing!
I have used scraps of ribbon, lace, little silk flowers,
paper punched flowers, rick rack, stickers, small stamped images
...there's no rules on what you can add!

For a nice finish, I wrap the ribbon/lace around to the back side
and use strapping tape to hold it in place.
This is for when I am using a liner.
Then I place the liner over it all to hide all the loose ends.

Otherwise I try to make it look as neat as possible,
cutting the ribbon ends at a diagonal,
and using either glue or scotch tape.

hat cards by inkspired

Check out my photos and you will see lots of different styles.
On some of the hats in this photo you can see peeking out from under the brim

'I can do everything through Him'

These were made for a ladies' tea at my church and were set at each place.

To add my heavier items I still use Aleene's Tacky glue
and hold it in place with a clothspin until it is dry.
If you are more of a hot glue gun type person, that would also work.

hat cards by inkspired

Maybe these hats from the Kentucky Derby 2012 will inspire you!

Tamara Sorrell Austin
photo cred: Mark Humphrey

Kimberly Scott of Albany Georgia
'The Run for the Roses'
photo cred: Michael Conroy

138th Kentucky Derby
photo cred: Jeff Haynes

photo cred: Jeff Haynes

photo cred: John Gress

Kentucky Derby 2012 at Churchill Downs Louisville, KY
photo cred: Jeff Haynes

Well, those should get your creative juices flowing!

I will be having more Summer Activities in future blogs.
It's such a fun subject!

'Butterflies' original Collage Art Doll by inkspired

See you later!
Be sure and share photos with me if you can -
I would love to see your creations!
If you would like me to post them, just let me know.


note: 6/11/2012
You can find 'lilies of the valley' here:


Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Memories

"One flag, one land,
one heart, one hand,
one nation evermore."

- Oliver Wendell Holmes

photo credit unknown

Today is Memorial Day in the United States of America.
It is a day to honor and celebrate our nation's veterans from all wars.
These are men and women that gave the ultimate sacrifice -
their lives
to protect the land that we call home.
Many have died on ground that was not mainland USA.
Many have died here on this homeland.
They all died to protect the freedoms that we so value.

"Some people live an entire lifetime
and wonder if they have ever made
a difference in the world;
but our military doesn't have that problem."

- President Ronald Reagan
(1981 - 1989)

photo credit unknown

"For those who fought for it,
has a flavor
the protected will never know."

- scrawled on the cover of a C-ration box,
Phan Tiet, Vietnam

vintage World War II poster, 1944
courtesy of Dover Publications

I thought today I would let others speak for me.

 Jes Wilhelm Schlaikjer, 1945

"Peace is not made at the Council table
or by treaties,
but in the hearts of men."

- President Herbert Clark Hoover
(1929 - 1933)


"We need not fear the expression of ideas -
we do need to fear their suppression."

- President Harry S Truman
(1945 - 1953)

courtesy of Indiana Music Libraries (see address to the right)

"One man with courage is a majority."

- President Thomas Jefferson
(1801 - 1809)


"True patriotism doesn't exlude
an understanding
of the patriotism of others."

- Queen Elizabeth II


"That's all a man can hope for
during his lifetime -
to set an example-
and when he is dead,
to be an inspiration for history."

- President William McKinley
(1897 - 1901)



"The mere absence of war
is not peace."

- President John F. Kennedy
(1961 - 1963)

George Washington and scenes from the Revolutionary War

"The country clubs, the cars, the boats,
Your assets may be ample;
But the best inheritance
You can leave your kids
Is to be a good example."

- Barry Spilchuk

stampincatstudio Rose's Walkers 2005

unknown source

"If there must be trouble
let it be in my day,
that my child may have peace."

- Thomas Paine (1737 - 1809)

from an outdated wallpaper book

from the BackStreet Design book "Forever Free", out of print

from the BackStreet Design book "Old Time Signage", out of print

from a book of BackStreet's Ornaments, out of print

from an out dated book of wallpaper samples

"Show respect for all men,
but grovel to none.

- Shawnee Proverb
(a Native American tribe)

a Statue of Liberty handpainted and stamped
recycled domino magnet
by inkspired

vintage song sheet cover
courtesy of Indiana Music Libraries

"May there always be work
For your hands to do;
May your purse always hold
A coin or two;
May the sun always shine
On your window pane;
May a rainbow be certain
To follow each rain;
May the hand of a friend
Always be near you;
May God fill your heart
With gladness to cheer you."

- An Irish blessing

Arlington Cemetary

Thank you
from the bottom of my heart
to all American veterans.
Your sacrifices have not been in vain
and are remembered
- inkspired