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Nursery Rhyme Time with Hickory Dickory Dock


(Hello! in Mexican, Spanish)

The Mexican Flag

I haven't featured a nursery rhyme in a while, so I thought today we'd explore:


Now, I have noticed that different versions contain different tenses of the verb
"to run".
I think the above version is correct, grammar-wise.

Wikipedia has a very good history of the rhyme.

'Hickety Dickety Dock' illustration by William Wallace Denslow from a
1901 Mother Goose collection.

It looks like the rhyme originally was said as:

'Hickere, Dickere Dock'

published in London in 1744.

close-up of William Denslow's illustration

The next version comes from 'Mother Goose's Melody'
printed in 1765.
It uses

'Dickery, Dickery Dock'

Interesting to me:

There are TWO musical versions.
One is popular in Great Britain,
and the other one is popular in North America!

The one printed above is the version I am familiar with,
so I guess it is the North American tune.
A super scherensnitte pattern for a mouse,
taken from a Chinese Zodiac series.

scroll clock by mdereus27
possibly etsy?

Now, the above scherensnitte type clock was originally for a Cinderella story.
By changing the position of the hands, you could easily make this into a
hickory dickory dock clock!
(say that 6 times, really fast....)

vintage illustration found at

Here are a few more coloring pages for you -

unknown source

and another terrific How-to-draw from Dover Publications:

an adorable cupcake found at

Why couldn't you also make that little mouse from clay?

What about making a 'clock' pincushion (felt would be easiest),
and make some hat pin toppers from shrinky dink plastic?

vintage Rand McNally book, found at

This next is a very clever way to serve some party treats with a theme:

That's a peanut butter sandwich, with a hole cut out for a banana slice.
The mouse is made from a strawberry, with halved grape ears,
and little raisin eyes and nose!
I'm not sure what she used for the clock hands
or the mouse whiskers or tail.
you could try orange peels,
or chow mein noodles
or bread crusts....

Here is a fun and simple vintage pattern for embroidery:

Wouldn't it be fun for a nursery room to have several embroidered pillows,
each with a different nursery rhyme on it?
Sew deep ruffles for a girl's room, and knife point edges for a boy's.

You could, of course, be really energetic and make a baby quilt
with each block a different nursery rhyme.

Check out my past blogs for more nursery rhyme patterns,
and check out the links from where I have found them for many more!

I'd like to finish up today with a vintage poster from 1917:

illustrated by Mary Louise Spoor

I especially like the little mouse reading!

Remember to smile at someone today that is a 'wall flower'.
Don't forget to laugh with a child today,
and eat ice cream!!!


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