Monday, March 19, 2012

a long week


Sinhala for 'Peace', spoken in Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan dancers in traditional dress


My blogging has been a bit spotty lately - sorry! It was a long week.
But today is a new week,
a new day!

I have been working (and I do mean working!) on opening a new shop on etsy.
It's up and running!  I have listed 2 items:

'M'Lady's canter' original collage paper painting by inkspired
I also have reserved a new domain name:



While I think yahoo small business has some really nice features,
I have gone around and around trying to open this new domain name,
and a new web site.
No, the web site hasn't even begun to be formed yet,
but one thing at a time!!!

I did get to 'know' Jeff! He works in the call center for yahoo small businesses in Portland. They had a ton of snow last week.
snow air mail courtesy of

Hi Jeff!!!

Here are a couple of mandalas that I wish I had printed off last week.
I could have colored them in all the time I spent on


or maybe I should have printed out some paper dolls-
after cutting them out (while on hold) I could have then played with them
(while on hold)!

Here is a charming "the Ginghams" winter set:

or, I could have done some beading:

Sorry, I don't know whose pattern this is.
It is for a double sided amulet purse, done in peyote or brick stitch.

Here is a medallion crocheted afghan that I have wanted to start for ages.
Perhaps you would like to make one!

It is copied from an old 'Decorating and Craft Ideas' magazine.
The pattern is by Sidney Melton.

Well, part of my long week and even longer weekend was a huge flare-up with my fibromyalgia. Ick. I hate taking pills - prescription or others.
sometimes you just have to do what you can.
I really need to finish this blog so I can go take a shower.
One of the set-backs with fibro is I haven't been able to raise my arms.
Kinda' hard to wash your hair if you can't raise your arms....

We also have been having terrific winds -
and I don't mean that in a wonderful kind of terrific!
Later today I am going outside to check all around the house for wind damage.
It really has been ferocious.
That wreaks havoc with my migraines/headaches.
Did I mention Ick?
It was an over-the-top Winnie the Pooh
Blustery Day kind of day!

But if Pooh Bear and Rabbit can dance,
then so can I!

Enjoy the day!
Check out my new etsy store:
Play paperdolls with a friend!
Get out those scraps of yarn you have been saving for a some-day project!

and have fun!


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  1. hi hope you are felling better. like the blog and will try out the new site.