Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A day for peace and bath salts


(Peace, in Czech, Czech Republic)

Charles Bridge in Prague, built in the 14th century

Today is a peaceful day.
The sky outside is all grey, waiting for snow.
It smells damp in the air...waiting for moisture.

A perfect day for walking on the Charles Bridge in Prague!

I took a hot bath this morning. Been wanting one for some time now.
Today was the day.
Because of my back surgery, I kind of have to 'pad' the back of the tub.
Michael recently purchased these wonderful thick towels from Costco.
Perfect! Best that I have ever tried in my 'padded bathtub'.

A Swedish advertisement, for soap I think.

I like baths better than showers, especially watering can showers!

Today I tried out my new Bath Salt Blend from

Their etsy shop carries all kinds of
bath salts, candles, aroma oils, things like that. 
Now, you may be wondering why I am checking out a shop with items that are fragranced!
Not my thing really, as I am so darn allergic to all kinds of fragrance,
perfume, candles, flowers, etc. Anything 'smelly', good or bad!


a vintage ad for John Reardon & Sons family soaps 

But....they said BATH salts.
They assured me there was no fragrance,
and they were right!

...and I was really in a mood for a few baths....
so after a bad shipping label, item was returned, good label,
I finally got it in the mail!
They were very sweet about it all, and included a nice little fragranced votive, a box of matches (color coordinated)
and I also got some calming lavender+ kind of bath salts.

the's here!!!

Well, okay, I wasn't exactly wearing a dress and bonnet...
or any bows, ruffles or lace....

but I was wearing Pink Panther lounge pants when the mail lady brought it!!!

Northwestern Czech Republic

Wonderful hot bath.
Did I mention how grateful I am that we have hot water on tap?
I know many many places do not.

The idea of pumping and then hauling water,
heating it up over a fire or on top of a wood stove,
and then hauling it into a bathroom-type room and dumping into a tub....
Repeat, repeat, repeat.
Then adjusting the temp with some buckets of cold water,
then it gets too cold and you have to go heat up another batch of water...
not near as nice.

And I have done some of that, only after one bucket of hand pumped water,
stoking the big ol' black cast iron wood stove,
waiting for the water to heat,
then trying to get it off the stove top without burning myself
or slopping any of the precious water out,
it became a 'sponge' bath (as my grandma Myrtle used to call them).

'Pitcher and bowl' by Monte Nagler

That means a bowl, a washcloth, and the above mentioned hot water.
Think.... a bath for a fairy sized person!


"Adopt the pace of nature;
her secret is patience."

by Ralph Waldo Emerson

I started a new paperback book during my 'tub time'.
It is Mary Daheim's "Dune to Death"
Yo ho ho and a bottle of doom...
a Bed-And-Breakfast Mystery.

She is a nice author for a light mystery plus comedy thrown in and
with interesting characters and places.

Check out the front cover graphics, and you get the idea!

That's the address for finding it on Amazon.
Some of her other titles include:

"Legs Benedict"...the only goodfella is a dead fella...

"Just Desserts"...nothing caps off a good meal like the perfect murder...

"Fowl Prey"...who's the turkey with a taste for homicide?...

I don't know who comes up with her titles, but I think they're very clever!
It is a nice light read for a soak in the tub.

Michael is convinced that the paper book is a going going gone sort of thing.
I so strongly disagree with him!

Yes, I think the 'book nook' and the 'kindle' and all the others are very nice for some people. Yes, there are thousands (I hear) of titles that you can 'download' to read. But you really don't have full choice now do you?
Are all of Georgette Heyer's Regency romances available?
Can you get all of Dorothy Gilman's novels available,
not just her Mrs. Pollifax series?
What about all of Edgar Rice Burroughs' novels,
not just his Tarzan, or Mars series, but his many many other books.
I don't know, I guess I am just skeptical.

I like to read in the tub! and a paperback book is perfect
because if you get a few splashes or so on it, it is not a disaster.
I think it might be with an 'electronic' book?
I like to turn pages.
I like bookmarks.
And I am a fuddy-duddy Michael says!
If you want to read only what's on the New York Times bestseller list,
and you never intend to read it again,
or loan it to a friend
and you spend 'empty' hours on a train or tram or whatever several times a week,
than go for it!

courtesy of Dover Publications
Note the opened book by her side!!

For me, I'll stick with my fuddy-duddy paper-in-hand- book
thank you very much!

That was a little tirade, so it must be time for me to go do something else!

Have a peace-filled day today.
Be true to yourself.

drop me a note here on the blog!!!


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