Friday, February 17, 2012

Peace to the Children of the World


'Peace' in the Bengali language, spoken in Bangladesh

Timor, Bangladesh children in traditional clothing

Ah, another fun day spent with Google Images!
It started out with a photo gallery that I was wandering through,
and I saw this picture:

SouthWestern Ethiopian girl from the Turmi tribe
pic credit: Michele Zousmer


'Peace' in the Ge'ez language, Ethiopia

(the 'o' has a slash thru it)

I thought 'Wow! that little girl is really pretty!'

'Wouldn't it be fun to look up photos of children (mostly) in traditional dress,
from countries that have checked out my blog?'

So that's what I have done.
You know me, I just LOVE other countries' traditions and costumes!


'Peace' in the Tamil language, spoken in Malaysia

Malaysian girl in traditional Muslim dress


'Peace' in Spanish, spoken in Costa Rica

Girl dressed for Guanacaste Day celebrated in Costa Rica


'Peace' in the Akan language spoken in Ghana

orphan in the Ryvanz Mia, Ghana orphanage

It doesn't matter where you are in the world,
everyone knows what a smile is!

Hoa Binh


Su Thai Binh

'Peace in Vietnamese

I found both of the above words listed on differing sites.
Anybody know if they are both correct?
Is one perhaps a dialect spoken in Vietnam?

Sin Ho, Vietnam- a Black Dzao hill tribe girl


'Peace' in Egyptian

2 girls in Cairo, Egypt in traditional dress and scarves


'Peace' in Azerbaijan

an Ethnic Azeri (Azerbaijan) boy in traditional costume for the Novruz Festival
photo creds: Onnik Krikorian

Anka Kay


Sonqo Tiaykuy


Qasikay or Aligu

'Peace' in the Quechua language, spoken in Peru

I found all of the above translations for the word 'Peace'.
Since I don't speak 'Quechuan' I thought I better put them all in!

Mother and daughter in traditional Peruvian costume

Trying to say 'peace' in 'Peruvian' turned out to be a challenge.
Their official song/motto is in Spanish.
Well, I have shared Spanish before, so I wanted a perhaps tribal language.
In Peru they also speak Mayan and Quechuan.
I thought Mayan would be cool, but I couldn't find any language translations.


If any of my Peruvian blog readers would care to illuminate me,
please do!!

Kev tiaj tus

'Peace' in the Hmong language, spoken in Thailand

Doi Pui village, Thailand children dressed in traditional Hmong costumes,

Okay, so maybe not all cute children are smiling!!
(bet he didn't want to sit by his sister)

I've had a wonderful time with you today.
I have more super cute pictures of children around the world,
some smiling,
some not.
I'll have to share with you later!



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