Friday, February 10, 2012

Paper Doll Valentines

I have been at the computer this morning listing bottlecaps in my etsy store. I've done a lot of much-needed organizing of  photos, what's sold, etc.
So, I pretty much pooped-out on computer time.
Yet, the need to blog.....
Paper doll Valentines!
Print out and share with your paper doll buddy.
Print out for yourself!
Make something creative with the graphics!

Here is the same gift card set, only this one is for a granddaughter:

the last page is identical.

I don't know if there was originally more to this card, but this is what I have:

Betsy McCall has to get in on the Valentine fun:

I think the above Betsy is Feb., 1952

This next one is Feb., 1955:

I have always liked Joan Walsh Anglund's art -



Time to do a little coloring -

and let's end up with a charming vintage set of twins:

I wonder if you could do a front/back paperdoll with this set?

Well, my laundry calls.
Yes, I am actually doing laundry, not just thinking of it!!!
Have a super day,
and remember,
a day is happy only because you want it to be.
and vice versa.


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