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Latvian for 'Peace'


Since I have already used 'Baby, it's cold outside', I had to come up with another title for another very snowy day. Mid morning it was 18 degrees F. outside! However, there is a warming trend in the forecast - with perhaps a high of 38 degrees F.
The sky is as white as the snow on the ground, so I don't have 'High Hopes' of getting too warm today!

Hm...I do hope my UPS truck can get up my driveway... very important stuff you know!

from a slideshow titled "Amazing Paths", unknown credits 

"We live in a wonderful world
that is full of beauty,
charm and adventure.
There is no end to the adventures that we can have
if only
we seek them with our eyes open." 

- Jawaharla lNehru

'Ahkiok', a kodiak bear at the Indianapolis Zoo, photo credits unknown

I just love the fur coat this guy has!!
How silly it would look on anyone else.

Don't get me started about the fur for fashion industry...
I would be up on my soapbox immediately!
(and that soapbox would be in the ARE YOU CRAZY negative side)

Here's another wonderful Bear Fur Coat As God Intended It To Be Worn picture -

in Svalbard Liefdefjorden, photo by Rebecca Jackrel

I don't know if this is color-enhanced or not. I hope it's not!
I bet he likes playing 'King of the mountain'.
Did you ever play that as a kid?

magazine cover, January of 1964 - Jack and Jill

Here is a great little tutorial on how to sketch the wolf:

courtesy Dover books


Have you peeked at Indiana Music Library's site?
You can get there in one click by using my 'favorites' list!
There is so much awesome art, history and, well,
music! there.
Once you are on their site, there will be a 'search' box in the upper right corner.
Type in a word, a theme, a subject, and it will do all the searching for you.

Another Jack and Jill magazine cover:

February, 1956 cover
courtesy of OrigamiBears

Of course, what would a snow day be without some paper dolls to play with?
'Chester', circa 1906

and -


then my notes read: fluffyrufflesjeansullivan

Perhaps you can decipher my 'code' and let me know what the heck I meant?


In case you are bored, and stuck in your car in traffic,
or waiting for the kids to get out of school,
or sitting in a doctor's office, 20 minutes past your appointment,
or just want to have a little fun -
here is an
'Outragous Octagon'
to fill a little bo-ring space :

thanks for sharing, Dover Books

Let's close today with a couple of super great valentine cards, courtesy of the Denver Zoo:

Keep warm!


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