Monday, January 23, 2012

A Cinderella Day


Impossible things are happening every day!

- Fairy Godmother,
Rogers & Hammerstein's 'Cinderella'

artist John Everett Millais,

Michael and I watched the 1957 TV movie spectacular
'Rodgers & Hammerstein's 'Cinderella' last night.
It only aired one night - March 31, 1957
and was a LIVE telecast.

That means if mistakes are made, then everyone sees them,
as there are NO re-takes, do-overs or repeats!!

The history of this broadcasting is really quite fascinating.
Fortunately, the DVD has a really nice insert with lots of history, facts and behind-the-scenes anecdotes.

These are vintage Cinderella graphics, source unknown, copyright free.

The live telecast starred Julie Andrews.
At the time she was in a successful Broadway musical "My Fair Lady"
and managed to do 8 shows a week during most of the rehearsals for 'Cinderella'.

Here is a great paper doll by Tom Tierney (paper doll head-guru)
 with Julie Andrews, from her movie "Victor/Victoria".

One of my favorites, co-starring James Garner.
I like pretty much anything he is in!! - and also anything Julie Andrews is in!!
Victor/Victoria also stars Leslie Anne Warren, who played Cinderella in the 1967 re-make version of Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella

Cinderella, by Edward Dulac, 1910

Here is a great vintage paper doll set of Cinderella -
again, a HUGE thank you to origamibears for her generous sharing -

Now I'm just guessing here, but I think that's Cinderella, Prince Charming and the 2 wicked stepsisters, with the little figure as the Fairy Godmother.

This next page is somehow copied really small, so first is the original copy:

and here it is 100% enlarged, but I think a bit fuzzy:

I think I might print out 2 of the 'yellow' undergarments doll,
and make them the 2 wicked stepsisters.
Then the remaining 'pink' undergarment doll could be the wicked stepmother,
or the fairy godmother.
Fantastic costumes!
I really enjoyed 'googling' Cinderella painting.
I just mention this as you might enjoy it also.
Here is a Cinderella painting I found on google:

painting is done by Kelsey117,

Well, looks like I had too much fun researching for Cinderella,
and have run out of time!
My friend Maura is coming over to bead for a couple of hours
and I still need to clear off the table!
There's more Cinderella in me,
but that will be for another day!
I'll be in my
"Own Little Corner"


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