Friday, December 16, 2011

A Closet Chatty Cathy...and Holiday Greetings from around the globe

Frohliche Weihnachten
ein gluckliches Neues Jahr!

(put those double .. above the 'u' in gluckliches)

(Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in German.)

traditional Christmas market in Frankfurt, Germany

photo courtesy of Frank Rumpenhorst

from a wonderful photo series put together by Lane Turner

the town of Basel in the Black Forest, Switzerland

In Switzerland there are 4 languages officially spoken.
The first three are becoming the more popular 'official' languages,
although there is still a small population that speaks Romansh.

Just thought that was interesting!

Joyeux Noel!

[again, put those double .. above the 'e' in Noel]

(Merry Christmas in French)

Santa feeding Humboldt penguins in Antibes, France

photo by Eric Gaillard

Buon Natale!

(Merry Christmas in Italian)

the start of the Italian Chievo at San Siro stadium,
Milan, Italy

photo by Alessandro Garofalo, 2011

Sumaj kausay kachun Navidad ch'sisipi
Mosoi Watapi sumaj kausaykachun!

Merry Christmas [and I suspect Happy New Year also] in Quechuan

Christmas display in Peru

Oh I am having so much fun learning about different Christmas traditions
from around the world!
This is where the Chatty Cathy title comes from.
I LOVE to share the fun things I learn,
and so I tend to write books.
I went back looking thru my blogs from August to present.
I talk a lot.
I do hope you're having fun with me!

So, about Peru:
Peruvian population is estimated at around 29.5 million,
 and it is very multi-ethnic;

they've got:

Amerindians (indiginous, or native peoples)
Europeans (gradual immigration from 1820's) 
Africans (arrived with the Spanish around 1620)
and Asians (Chinese arrived to replace slave workers in 1850's).

The main spoken language is Spanish
(thanks to those conquistadors that did their very best to wipe out
anything different than Spain at the time. But hey,
so did all the other 'explorers'....)
Spanish is the first language of 84% of Peruvians over age 5.

The Spanish language co-exists with several native languages,
the most common being Quechua at 13.2%.

Being as over 81% of the people describe themselves as Catholic,
the Christmas season includes mostly religious
and deeply traditional Catholic celebrations.

A nativity scene on Christmas Day in Iquitos, Peru

Well, I've covered Switzerland with its' three major languages of
German, French and Italian.
Then we have traveled across an ocean and a continent to arrive in Peru,
where they speak 2 languages and multiple indiginous languages.
Threw in some Peruvian facts,
and here we are!

So, if I am being sensible,

and NOT writing a book,

I should stop now!

Oh, okay, here is a lovely and simple scherensnitte pattern:

If you are careful and save your cut outs, you can have 2 lovely cuttings to frame.

See ya' soon, as I have way-more Merry Christmas-es to share!

tee hee


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