Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas paper dolls

Hello to all.
Catching a cold. Feel really punky.
short blog today!
'Party Decorations' original Collage Art doll made from all junk mail

Here is a nice set of Christmas morning paper dolls:

I have some more pages of clothes I can post later.

Here are some Christmas tags for you,
from Joan Walsh Anglund:

and I'll finish with a very pretty paper doll from Turkey -

Wouldn't it be fun to swirl around the dance floor in that ball gown?


I will try my best to check in tomorrow -
I have Christmas recipes to share
and some cute, fast to make ornaments,
and more paperdolls
and more vintage art
and more....
oh, I'll just see you tomorrow!


Thanks so much to my reader Iana for correcting my paper doll title!

I thought she was from Turkey, but she let me know it was from Russia.

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  1. 'very pretty paper doll' not from Turkey. it's from Russia. that Russian Language