Thursday, November 17, 2011

What day is it?

Okay, I goofed.
I flubbed.
I messed up.
Yesterday was NOT Wednesday.
Today IS Wednesday.
Silly me.
silly (but not me)

silly Luke sitting in a chair (but not me)
silly Drake (but still not me!)

No matter where I run, I meet myself there.”  
 - Dorothy Fields

sketches by Rembrandt

A hearty good-day to my New Zealand readers!

Today, on Wednesday that is, I have a partial set of Pilgrims paper dolls
 illustrated by Tom Tierney.
He is the current master of paper doll drawings, I think.
You can find many of his sets at Dover Publications:

a vintage postcard
 Sorry the image is blurry, it was a very small size bit.
I thought we could enjoy the imagery however.

Here is another 'blurb' from Dr. James Grayson's article on
Why Thanksgiving?

"The Pilgrims, English Puritans who fled from the religious persecution they were experiencing in Britain, moved to Holland in 1609. Although they prospered in Holland they were concerned because their children were influenced by the Dutch culture. They determined to move to the New World. They received financial backing from merchants in England which covered travel and supplies, agreeing to labor for the merchants for seven years."

You can find the complete article, plus many more, here:

Okay. This is the SECOND time that blogspot has said my blog draft was saved.
It wasn't.
It is gone.
Even after I re-typed everything.
Went back and found the pictures.
Re-copied the recipes, and coloring pictures and free paper dolls.
I think I will quit for today.
Which is Thursday.
I'm pretty sure....


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