Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Paper pretties

Hello, and welcome
Spectral zenith by Jen Stark

Today I want to show you some beautiful artwork that is made completely from

First, let me feature a few pieces from the gallery of Jen Stark:
Coriolis effect by Jen Stark

'Pedestal' using paper, wood and foamcore by Jen Stark
Radial Reverie by Jen Stark,
only paper has been used
Reciprocal by Jen Stark
made with wood
'Sunken Sediment' by www.jenstark.com

Check out more of her amazing work at the above website!

Next I would like to share another phenomenal paper artist
Peter Callesen

'Castle' by Peter Callesen

'Snowballs' detail, Peter Callesen

'Down the River' by Peter Callesen

'Down the River' detail

I would encourage you to check out his website also!
You will find more of his incredibly detailed paper cuttings,
and some fantastic room sized cuttings!

papercutting from a paper doily

She has many other beautiful papercuttings from doilies, so check out her shop!

The last artist I would like to feature today is
Gerlof Smit

You can go to his website and see the huge undertaking he did
by cutting portraits of each member of his home town
ages 0 - 81
project Schingen, the Netherlands

'Amazement 2' detail by Gerlof Smit

'Plane Tree Leaf' by Gerlof Smit

'little garden' by Gerlof Smit

I hope you have been inspired by these amazing paper artists.
I know I am!

If you have time, I would also recommend:

Very inspiring!

Have you recently done any paper cutting?
Papel Picado?
I would love to see your work!

Here are a few of my recent Halloween/Day of the Dead papel picado cuttings:


The patterns are courtesy http://www.thetoymaker.com/

With winter weather coming for many of us,
paper cutting is a perfect inside pastime.
They also make super Holiday cards!

Until tomorrow -


'Over and Out' by Jen Stark

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