Monday, November 21, 2011

November Flower of the Month Chrysanthemum

Greeting to all!
I am fighting major headaches (storms moving in, out and all around apparently).
Plus, we still haven't figured out why our internet is being squirrely. Is it our computer? Is it the blogspot's computers? Twitch in the cable? Did someone open up a computer room with scads of computers hooked onto the same cable as ours?
These are deep questions....
oh not really. They just seem important when I am trying to post a blog!

November's Flower of the Month is the Chrysanthemum.
From here on I will refer to the flower as 'mum' as I don't feel like typing the whole word out each time.

photo by Yuriy Brykaylo

The Mum has a very long history, and appears to start in China.
I found 2 theories on how the mum got its' name.
The first is:
Chrysanthemum is derived from the Greek words
'chrysos' meaning gold, and 'anthemon' for flower.
However, others believe that chrysanthemum is derived from a
Latin compound word meaning 'golden flower'.
Different original languages, but both came up with the same meaning-
golden flower.

shutterstock photo of the week

The thing is, mums come in a rainbow of colors and shades -
yellow, purple, pink, deep pink, orange, white, red, green
and more!

Now this next was news to me -
the blooms come in a huge variety of 'forms'
such as Incurve, Reflex, Decorative, Pompon, Single, Semi-Double,
Spoon, Quill, Spider.....and more!

a 'pompon mum

a 'spider' type mum

Some of the photos I saw that said they were so-and-so type mum
I woudn't have believed it until I did some research!

courtesy Swaminathan

I need to close now,
but I do have lots more info for you about mums,
their history,
vintage art, vintage song sheet covers,
lots of fun!
I'll try my best to post tomorrow!

'bubble romper'


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