Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Geseende Kerfees

(Merry Christmas in Afrikaans)
Radio City Rockettes rehearsing for the 2011 Christmas Spectacular
photo by Timothy A. Clary

Wouldn't it be fun to see the Rockettes?
I would love that!

Today, again, I will have a short blog.
more days until my Craft Fair!

For those of you in the Denver area, stop by and say hi!
I will be in the Main Exhibition Hall, right next to the rotunda in
the Adams County Fairgrounds
just a little bit East from Riverdale Road
Dec. 3, 9am - 4pm
Dec. 4, 9am - 4pm

I had a fun discovery today -
several completed altered paper dolls!
2 of them are Halloween themed, but I'll still put them out.
Here are 3 that I have scanned. The others need to be resized, etc. and I will share!
'Brigette Dark Angel'

I used recycled images for the under-dress and Brigette's face.
I really like how my gown turned out with all the free flowing ribbons.

'Boo' altered paperdoll by inkspired

I still have to fiddle with the color a bit, as the 'Boo' is a bit more glow-in-the-dark orange. Her spider is hanging free. The legs are from a paperdoll, and her round 'skirt' is a recycled tarot card.

'I dare you' altered paperdoll by inkspired

Again, I still need to fiddle with the color, but I do like her attitude!

Next is a copy of a greeting card - Chrissie:

Thank you to OrigamiBears for sharing this paperdoll with us.

What, you don't know what a 'OrigamiBears' is?
Check out her blog right after finishing my blog.
Her addy is to the right.

I need to get to the post office.
I sold my first Collage Art Doll!!!

ooooooohhhhh, I am so happy.
I really like her and am having a surprisingly hard time letting her go!
Here she is:
'Time for an Office party'

Sorry, that's it for today!
Have fun on OrigamiBears' site. She is just wonderful for sharing her
humongous paper doll collection.


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  1. oh, ahh, so the art dolls are starting to sell and like any dedicated artist you are having a hard time parting with her. Frame a picture of the doll and mourn her loss as you take your money to the bank. ROTFL