Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Rainy Day in the Fall


pronounced See-ahh-vass

(Informal 'hello' in Austrian)

'Edie's birch bark cuttings'

Today is cool, with a constant rain. Cloudy skies.
It's rained all night, so everything is wet already.
I like it.
vintage Kate Greenaway illustration

The trees have been turning with lovely colors of fall:
all put together in a beautiful quilted landscape across the city.

Last weekend was supposed to be the 'perfect weekend' for viewing the changing colors of the aspens all througout the Rocky Mountains here.

changing aspens in Sierra, Nevada

Fall is the perfect time to take walks.
Take walks with your special 'other'.
Take walks with your kids - you'll see things a lot differently!
Take walks with your dog(s).
They help you stop frequently to look around you!
(At least the male ones do!!!)

My sunflowers have gone to pod heads.
I don't know what else to call them!
As I walk to the mailbox and back, I pass two big sunflower plants. The heads on these are maybe around 2" - 2 1/2". I keep thinking, isn't there something cool I could make with these?
What would they look like if I used the spray-on pearl paints that I have for wonderful paper effects. Would it show up on a natural pod head?
I know they would probably be pretty spray painted gold,
but I'm not in a gold mood right now.
What about washed colors of fall, using slightly thinned acrylic paint in a spray bottle? That would look nice in a bowl, with mixed colors of pod heads.
things to think about.

Budget Craft:
This idea is from Martha Stewart.
Just look at the photo, and it is pretty self-explanetary.

That would be a fun hike/walk! Take along a hard backed book with sheets of paper towels inserted into different pages. When you find a leaf, immediately put it between the pages of the book, between sheets of paper towels.
You can use a rubber band to help keep the book closed.
When you get home, do your fave form of leaf pressing.
I ADORE my Microwavable MicroFleur press.
Can't say enough good things about it really.
When leaves are thoroughly dry, you can make beautiful butterflies,
like those in the photo, or leaf stationery, or leaf covered notebooks,
or decoupaged plates, or ornaments...
oh heck, you can do lots of things!!!

Here is a sweet vintage girl to embroider:
She would look special on a pillowcase for your daughter or niece!
Or embroidered onto a fall colored guest towel..

Here is a falling leaves tree amulet or wall hanging pattern
to bead, or cross stitch:

Why not play around a little on graph paper, and make the back of the amulet with the same grass line, only a big pile of colored leaves in the middle, with maybe even a rake? You can get free graph paper here:

Here is a how-to draw from Dover Books:

Well, it is time for me to do some work.
I am finishing up the Large Print Church Directory for tomorrow.
I am organizing my Craft Fair basics like adding machine, receipt books, jewelry displays, tablecloths, masking tape, pins, paper clips -
all things that I need to take to each Craft Fair.
My next one is at

the Brighton Senior Center
November 5
from 8am - 2pm

Stop by and say hi! I am on the first floor.

fall aspen leaves in rain

The rain is so soothing to listen to, I need to move around or
fall asleep in my chair!

Have a restful day.

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