Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Is the Tooth Fairy here yet?


(That's inkspired-speak for 'hello' after the dentist)

vintage dental powder ad

Yep, that's me talking with half of my mouth, lips and tongue completely
I visited the dentist today and had 2 cracked crowns removed,
and a silver cavity filling re-done.
The crowns were done 5 years ago.
About 6 weeks after I got them, I was in a car accident and cracked them.
The insurance won't pay until after 5 years.

vintage assorted tonic ads, Dover Publications

So today was the big 2 hour long dental visit.
I like my dentists. There are 2.
I like my dental assistants, I usually deal with 2.
They are especially nice because they don't light any candles or pot pourri
when I come in.
(I have a pretty bad fragrance allergy)

The Family Dentist
Drs. Skelton and Smith
4850 W. 80th Avenue
Westminster, CO 80030

vintage foreign toothpaste ad

Today wasn't really bad at all, just long.
I will have some tmj (trans mandibular joint I think it stands for) later tonight
and probably for a couple of days. That's from keeping my mouth open,
and pressure being put on my jaw. Today they used a 'mouth prop'. Really!
I can't think of the technical term, but it is this rubber thingy that props open your mouth, so you don't have to concentrate on that, and tighten up all your neck muscles. I think it did relieve some of my post-dentist pain.
Every little thing helps.
They are so good about listening to me. So, if I need a break, I just raise my hand and they stop and let me move my jaw around, etc.
I even got a home-made crocheted blanket today, as the room was a little chilly!

vintage ad for ? I know it says something like Risqle's alcohol with mint.
I bet it is for a kind of tooth wash. It's in French.

NOT D'Giorgno.

So I have temporary caps on now.
I have to be verrrry careful what I eat, so they don't come off too soon!

(this next part is me whining)
Winchell's Doughnuts is just a couple of blocks from my dentist.
I adore Winchell's.
The closest one to me is this one, and that's over 20 miles I think,
highway traffic. So, when I go to the dentist twice a year for cleanings,
I usually get some Winchell's doughnuts!
(They also have fabulous apple fritters.)
My Michael drove me to and from the dentist's today. Sweet man.
We weren't sure how 'buzzy' I would feel, and if it would be safe for me to drive, so he took some time and drove me.
Like having my own personal chauffeur!!!
with my own personal dog slobberer to go with it!!!
I whined a little 'in the chair' and asked him to go get some doughnuts.
He did!
He also got a dozen for the dentist office staff.
So here's the BIG WHINE-Y PART:
When we got home, we both got a doughnut out to eat.
Remember: Winchell's, favorite, only a few times a year I get them....
I can't eat one!!!
my lips and tongue are too numb to chew.
my taste buds are numb.
whine, whine, whine.
whine whine.

Okay, I know this is not comparable to a riot or an earthquake
or even a broken leg.
But it's ME and it's NOW and baby wants a doughnut,

Oh, alright. I'll get over it.
My friend Shelly called and I couldn't talk to her.
I'm not whining.

Besides, this has been a great chance for me to share my vintage dental stuff!
That topic generally doesn't really fit in anywhere.

(at a party: 'Hey! How did your teeth cleaning go today!)

Now seriously, would you keep your hat on if you were at the dentist's?

I think I'll have another go at eating a doughnut!

It's always doughnut time some where in the world!

Good thing to remember.
So go already and get yourself a doughnut,
with your beverage of choice.
Personally I like hazelnut latte's, or flavored cream and sugar with a little coffee,
or hot tea
or ice water
ok, ok, I'm leaving already.


  1. Hi Inkspired. I am working on a project to recreate a vintage foreign ad. I was wondering if you knew whether the Pate Gingivale Specia ad above was under any copyright protection?

  2. Hello Michael,
    You didn't leave me anywhere to contact you except here. As far as I know, the vintage ad is under no copyrights. HOWEVER it is not mine, so I cannot officially say anything one way or another.
    Good luck with your project, it sounds fun!
    - inkspired