Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Hallowe'en

vintage card courtesy of Dover Books

Today we will do some last minute costume ideas,
and of course some Hallowe'en poems, quotes and sayings.
Let's not forget those Halloween paperdolls!!!


First is an
EEEK!!!! I'm supposed to have a costume ready!!!!

This costume couldn't be easier:

Dress in all one color -

Then put on a favorite "Halloween" pin back button.
You are dressed!
So, for the dracula moustache pin, you would dress in all black,
or all purple, or perhaps even all red.

If you are going as 'Frankenstein',
wear all green, with a button that says
"Frankie says hi!"

I found on etsy some wonderful paper badges to inspire you :

To be a wizard, or an oriental wise man
drag out those sweats again! Dress in all navy blue, or all black.
Make a cone shaped hat from fun foam, or even construction paper in a pinch.
Paint or glue on large stars and perhaps a moon or two to the hat.
You can use yellow fun foam, or gold glitter glue, or felt, or....
Fit to head before completely finishing the hat. Adjust as needed.
Staple cone.
Get out those bobby pins and hair clips, and attach hat to head!
You are done.
Make it fancier? Sure, a dark solid color cape would be great,
but unless you have a couple of hours to get fabric, sew, etc.
you don't really need one.


stick on a long grey beard!
Kids can make this with construction paper and cotton balls, and a little gray paint.
Any party store will have these in stock right now also.
If needed, add tie strings to go over the ears to hold beard in place.
Be sure to reinforce the holes, so they don't rip out 1/2 way through
(Use small pieces of masking tape or duct tape, then punch holes through that.)

An optional costume would be to dress up in one of Mom's dark dresses, and then add the cone hat and/or the beard.
Be sure the dress is not so long that your trick or treater will trip.
Wrapping a belt or a scarf around the middle can be used to hike it up.
This applies to any costume!
Getting a scraped up face or hands because of tripping
on Halloween trick-or-treating is not a fun time.

vintage postcard

Now really look at Circus Bear's costumes.
Ringmaster would need:
    1 top hat
    1 bow tie, sparkly is better
    1 strip of fabric or scarf for cumberbund
    1 pair of pants - Black or blue or....just coordinate!
    1 riding whip - check out cat toys, they have things similar with a feather
           on the tip of the string. Be creative!
    1 drawn on black curly moustache (if you use eyeline pencil, be sure to wash
           it off with eye makup remover)
    optional: add a short cape, sparkly the better!
optional: make a microphone with 2 cardboard tubes, some black paint and some silver paint; or use shiny side foil to fashion the 'speaker' part. Attach an extra phone or computer cord to the bottom, and pin the other side into a pocket.
A couple more ideas for 'cone' hats:

"Too cute to spook!"

"Mind your mummy!"

Some great 'Fairy Godmothers' by stellabella, on e-bay:

Costume requirements:
    1 old timey dress - check out 2nd hand stores, they usually have some great
        buys! or perhaps even your own closet...
    1 Cone Hat - see directions above. 
    1 Tag or pinback button, or....that says: 'Fairy Godmother'.
  really ugly shoes
  striped socks
  strand of really big fake pearls
  old glasses, cat eyes style preferred
Now, get 2 friends or more,
and dress almost exactly alike.
See picture for ideas!

I would pin or hot glue a couple of stuffed barnyard animals to my overalls for
Old MacDonald! Add a straw hat and/or some straw sticking out of a shirt cuff!

Adding a simple apron to a costume can really make it look 'authentic'.
c.1853 (year it was published)

Quick candy bowl idea:

You need:
    1 sequin half mask, can be found just about anywhere this time of year
    2 marbles that are flat on one side, can be found in wedding crafts, floral 
         departments, etc.
    glue gun (low melt) or other glue
    1 round glass bowl, can be found with candles or floral

Simply glue on the mask and flat marbles and you are done!!

I wish for you a safe and happy October 31st.
by lisa volrath

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