Monday, October 24, 2011

Boooo - Hoooo

Twitch Sister 'Twaura', original Collage Art Doll by inkspired

On sale through October 31, 2011 for only $15!

Boo Hoooo
It' been a rough few days.
It is definitely  Fall here with cooler weather, everything changing colors,
and all outside going to seed (achOO!!).
If I didn't have eyes (which I am SO grateful that I do!)
my nose would tell me it is fall.
My allergies would tell me it is fall.
My fibromyalgia would tell me it is fall.
My migraine-y head would tell me it is fall.
Boo Hoo
oh, ouch!

some fall/Halloween images from turkeyfeathers' blog
Use these for embroidery, woodburning,
painting, costume decorations, coloring pages, transfers...
what else can you think of?

"October's poplars are
flaming torches
lighting the way
to winter."

- Nova Bair

all images - RubberStampAvenue

Betsy McCall, 1973

"Listen! the wind is rising,
and the air is wild with leaves,
We have had our summer evenings,
now for October eves!"

- Humbert Walfe

and FALL is somewhere in-between!
or, if you live in Colorado,
we get both!

This illustration is a great idea for a Halloween costume!
With all the layers, it should be good for many different temperatures during
Trick or Treat!
Make giant cutlery with recycled cardboard from a big box,
and spray with silver paint.
Smudge edges with black paint.
Draw a set of utensils, or just two, crossed like an 'X'.
Cut from shiny silver fabric, and use iron on webbing
to attach to the front of a fabric goodie bag.
Whenever the goodie bag is presented for 'treats',
the silverware will shine!
You can also iron onto a natural/brown color paper bag with smooth sides.

Do you have a little charmer that wants to be a ballerina?
and Again?
Check out this vintage pic for some different ballerina ideas:
Why not make an orange ballerina outfit, with fall leaves and fall flowers to decorate as shown?

For a simple ballerina skirt:
First, read all directions.
Then gather your materials together in one place.

Cut out big circles of netting from different colored netting fabric:
try layering orange, pink, peach, beige, light tan,
and even a layer of sparkle netting! 

Fold each circle in half. (This is also a great way to make an even circle).
Then in half again. You now have the center of the circle up at the point.
Cut off a LITTLE to mark where the waist will go.
Unfold. Cut one slit from side up to small circle cut out in the middle.***
If your ballerina is small enough, you can skip cutting a slit, and just cut out the inner circle, making sure it can go over her head or hips. Remember, you want enough room for many pretty gathers.
Check fit. Make hole larger as needed. You want a hole that is able to circle your ballerina's waist, and then have room for LOTS of gathers.
Match all colors of netting circles, and repeat, so you end up with several layers.
Pin or masking tape together - netting is a booger to pin.
Run a 'gathering' stitch around the inner circle.
You don't have to have a sewing machine, but it sure makes it easier!
Adjust fit.
Cut a piece of wide ribbon (like satin ribbon) and fold in half over top of waist circle+. Stitch in place, catching both sides of the ribbon in your stitches.
Pin first if you want.
Be sure and leave LONG ribbon tails, as this is what you tie the skirt on with.

+This keeps the scratchy netting from bothering your little ballerina.
It also makes the ties super simple, as they are just extensions of the ribbon; and keeps all the layers of netting together more firmly.
You don't need to do anything to the cut edges of the netting, it won't fray.

Can't make sense of these directions?
Try putting it all together with long gathering stitches.
If it is right, you can then go back and do a regular stitch.
If it's wrong, it will be MUCH EASIER to rip out!

**Send me some photos you guys. Still afraid to leave a comment?**
You can send photos (smaller files please) to my e-mail:

For a Halloween Ballerina, buy some silk flower/leaves/berries garlands.
Really, one should be all you need.
Cut apart the garland and you can hot glue them on your costume
 where you wish. NOT with ballerina inside, please!
If you want to use this costume again, you can safety pin on the foliage.

Add a pair of thicker tights, some matching ribbon to twist up from the shoes to the knee, or just below knee.  Safety pin to secure, if needed.
Put on a little sleeveless undershirt, then layer:
t-shirt, long sleeve t-shirt, ruffled short sleeve blouse, etc.
until your ballerina will be warm enough for night air.
On top of all this under-gear, you will need
1 pretty sleeveless undershirt
1 pretty vest
You can decorate the top layer only with berries, foliage etc. left over from your ballerina skirt endeavor. Use hot glue (with no ballerina inside, please) or again just safety pin embellishments on, to be removed later.

Oh! Oh!
I want to see your ballerinas!!

paper dolls from a Circus Ballet set

There comes a time when
autumn asks,
"What have you been doing
all summer?" 

Enjoy all the colors!
Count how many different colors you can see, in a walk.
Listen for the scruffling sound of dry leaves, on a sidewalk.
Gather pretty leaves to dry with your MicroFleur in your microwave,
     or press between the pages of a big heavy book.
Bake up some cupcakes, and decorate with fall colors in edible sugars.
Buy a new scent for your home - something that reminds you of apple pie.

See you tomorrow!


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