Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pretty Morning Glories

Good day!
Today I will explore September's Flower of the Month - the Morning Glory.
This is the first of two flowers for the month.
The second flower is the Aster, and we will have fun with them later.

Morning glories are actually considered weeds in many places.
The common weed "bind weed" is a close relative.

So who chooses what is a weed, and what is a flower?
I have no idea!
vintage postcard from

According to the Morning Glory stood for


in Victorian times.

Morning glory tray

The current sites for Flower of the Month and
Meanings of the Flower of the Month
do not include morning glories.

I'm pretty sure this is because they are mostly run by floral shops!
It would be very difficult for a flower shop to
add morning glories into their bouquets!

Today I am in a pretty mood.
No not ME!
A pretty morning glory mood!

"Glory" photograph

Here are some pretty dresses from Liana's blog
for two of her paperdolls:

She does such lovely work.
You can find her site on my Favorites section to the Right.

Morning glories come in a variety of colors.
You will see them most commonly in blue,
next in purple and deep blue,
with some magenta and pink too!

You will also find the morning glory a favorite among artists.
Perhaps it is the variety in color;
Or the variations of color within one flower.
Perhaps it is because the flower grows anywhere,
 so it is outside their studio window?

morning glory cake plate,

morning glory light by Wendy Legro

"White and blue convolvulus!
At four it goes to bed,
With bell closed tight with all its might,
Perhaps you've heard it said?"

- little verse by Kate Greenaway

morning glory cloche

morning glory fairies on purse, closeup

Morning Glory Fairy Purse
If anyone knows who is the artist of this creation, please let me know.
My notes have gone bye-bye on this one.

Let's explore some vintage ads and vintage art!

vintage soap ad from

Nope, I have no idea why Morning Glories and Coal Stoves go together!

I fancified this and decided those were morning glories.
They probably are some other kind of flower, but it fit in with this theme!!

a beautiful watercolor by Helen Crayenhoff

an illustration from the Art Nouveau period, 1920's

Here is a very nice and simple design for needlepoint

The thing is, you can super easily adapt this to a bead-woven project
or a bead embroidery project too!
Why not use some washable grid line paper,
and make some finger towels or pillowcases with this design?
Just because a design says it is for one craft,

closeup of morning glory,

Well folks,
that's all she says
for today!

Have a really nice day.
Look for the positive - it truly is there!



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