Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Pink Pat of Flamingos


(Hebrew for Hello and Peace)

Those silly flamingos, they want to land in my blog again!
I told them no, I already had a blog on flamingos,
but they insist.
I resist.
They try to threaten me with flamingo poop all over my yard.
I tell them I have a GREAT DANE,
a big dog, with big....poop.
They can't scare me.
They threaten a huge honk-fest.
Oh, well......okay...
I make a new treasury on etsy:

So, are they happy already?
They insist - only a BLOG will do.
What can one do when trying to reason with a flamingo?

I did have a lot of fun putting together a Flaming Pink Flamingo treasury!
I found enough super items to make another one,
only a Peach Flamingo treasury.
I haven't come up with a clever title yet, so it is waiting to be finished.

Do you have a clever title for my treasury?
Let me know, and I will give you credit!

Yum Yum Yum for the Tum-Tum Tum!

Here's a plate to eat them on -

Should we all wear hair nets whilst serving the treats?
I've found some for us - 

You know, with fancy cookies, you have to have a PARTY!!!

Whatever shall I wear to the Pink Flamingo Party?

No, perhaps that's too casual for this sugar cookie affair.
Perhaps this will do -

Only, I'm not blonde or skinny...

Perhaps if I wear these,  no one will notice
that I am not blonde or (that dirty word).

or this pretty necklace?

Nah, too fancy now. I'll save them for later.

Now THIS looks just perfect -

And maybe this for my hair!

Alice is such a show-off. I wonder what she will be wearing?

I definitely think we should decorate for the party -

I love this sign for the door -

 Oh! I almost forgot to send invites!

Hmmmmm, Nancy is always soooo high-bred in her mind,
maybe I should send her this one instead:

Oh, that Nancy. She always has to bring something...
I better find a dish for these Jordan almonds -

okay, yeah, they are pretty!

Well, yes, I do really like this dish, but perhaps the pastel almonds
will look better in this one -

Here's a little activity while we wait for everyone to show up:

And a fun and yummy time was had by all....

To make the party ending perfect, I passed out one of these to each guest,
so they can remember that Flamingos
can be
very insistent.

Now get your big pat of flamingos off my lawn!!!


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