Friday, September 23, 2011

It's Friday, have the busy bees cleaned your house yet?

Yo! Y'all!

(that's a pirate leftover from Texas)

These are busy bees created by the Toymaker.
She is a wonderful Toymaker.
She gives lots of free things.
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The newest threat to American Honey is imports
through Indian companies, thought to be Chinese in origin.

When honey is illegally transported, and then being sold, it threatens honey farms everywhere. The Chinese honey in the past has proven to be contaminated with antibiotics and heavy metals.
Not really what I want, much less feed any kids!

Busy Bees on a honeycomb

So why Chinese honey through India?
(This was all new news to me too!)
Evidently the US is following a ban by the European Union (EU) on June 15, 2010 of honey imports from India due to a lack of traceability.
It seems the US also has a tariff on Chinese honey.
Honey from India does not have this tariff!

The whole deal with honey from India is they are not keeping track of where the honey is from. This tracking also includes adulteration (mess with) and contamination by heavy metals and antibiotics.
Pretty important stuff when we consider honey
as the closest thing to nature on your grocery shelves.

This blog actually started out to be about house cleaning!
Instead of a bunny trail,
I went down a 'bee' trail!!

I went to the Adams County Historical Museum and paid the table fees for both the 1 - day Fall Festival Bazaar,
and also for the 2 - day Holiday Bazaar
that is in December.
I have stuck my neck out, and reserved two tables for the Holiday Bazaar.
Hopefully after the October 1 show I will know more about how to display in their space, what things I need to make my booth attractive, things like that.
Plus, Holidays like Christmas are BIG craft events, as many people shop there for Christmas gifts, and other gifts throughout the year.
So, I want to have Halloween and Fall stuff for Oct. 1;
and I want to have Christmas, New Year and generic for Dec.
Sounds good.

OH NO!!!!

Did I call to remind everyone?
Is the living room clean? or at least stashed out of sight?
Is my kitchen spotless?
(Nothing like going to a party, and seeing a dirty kitchen. Kinda' turns me off of the food, you know?)

True story:
I visited "Ethel" on an out of town trip.
It was very gracious of her to let me stay there for 2 days.
Oh dear.
My pull-out couch bed had cheerios and
Hershey's chocolate sauce in it the first night.
Yeah. She had kids.
The next morning the dishwasher had clean dishes in it (a good thing) with the door open and the racks pulled out to be presumably put away.
Her 14 month old male baby was crawling all over it,
standing in it, trying to climb to the counter, etc.

Uh huh. Right.
No eating from dishes that I have not personally washed.
But she has no dish cloths or sponges. They are 'in the laundry'.
Can't find me a towel or washcloth either.

note to self: always pack a washcloth and hand towel in future.

I left for the day to tour the town and have lunch with friends.
Came back only to discover that the toilet was overflowing, and unusable.
And I had Spaghetti-os in my couch bed. Not the dry ones.
Oh, there are more stories I could share about 'Ethel's house,
and the adventures to be had there
in only 48 hours.

'Ethel' really needs some busy bee help!

I better close for today, and make sure I have everything ready for tonight.
I'll let you know how it went
and what foods I concocted!
see ya'


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