Saturday, September 10, 2011

Countries, Miss Universe 2011 and a little honey

tere paevast

(Estonian for 'good day')

Miss Estonia - Madli Vilsar
Miss Universe 2011 contestant

As I am continuing to feature the 46 countries that have viewed different pages on my blog*, I thought I might also add in some photos of the same countries'
Miss Universe 2011 Pageant contestants.

*since around April, 2011

Just for fun, you know!
I am quite aware of all the controversy that has swirled around this pageant,
 and all beauty pageants since they began.
And yes, I have opinions.
But for today, we will just show some photos of some beautiful women,
with oh-my-gosh-great-fun earrings and necklaces.
Truly, they are quite outstanding.
Also, in some of the photos you get a peek at the incredibly fancy beadwork, embroidery and lace on the dresses they are wearing.

Miss Ireland - Aoife Hannon
Miss Universe 2011 pageant contestant

Another thing I love especially about the International competition is the costumes.
They have a section where the different contestants come out in a costume that represents their country.
It truly is amazing.
Of course, the Miss USA is decked out in some form of red, white and blue.
But think sequins, spangles, and outrageous!
I still remember Miss Puerto Rico's costume from a past year.

Miss USA - Alyssa Campanella 
Miss Universe 2011 competitor

The United States has made the most page views of my blog.
That is only normal, since it is an English language blog,
and I live in the US.

Miss Canada - Chelsae Durocher
Miss Universe 2011 contestant

But every other country that looks at my pages is just a delight to me!
Canada is pretty much always in the top 4 countries that look at pages every day.
I am looking forward to returning to Canada someday.
When I was in my teens my family made a road trip
from Arizona to British Columbia, Canada.
I have (somewhere) a picture of our dog playing in the snow in Canada.
Rare treat for a dog that spent the last couple of years in Phoenix, AZ!

Miss Great Britain - Chloe-Beth Morgan
Miss Universe 2011 contest

My page views list The United Kingdom as one country,
but every so often, at the whim of that great blogspotter poo-bah,
I will get views from Ireland, Wales and Scotland!
I need to brush up on just what the United Kingdom represents.
For another day.

Today I am sending a BIG THANK YOU to

Sri Lanka -
Miss Sri Lanka - Stephanie Siriwardhana
Miss Universe 2011 competitor
Finland -

Miss Finland - Pia Pakarinen
Miss Universe 2011 contestant
and to
Croatia -
Miss Croatia - Natalija Prica
Miss Universe 2011 contestant

I have already featured Brazil, the Czech Republic and Japan in previous blogs.
But today, I would like to recognize them, and say
THANKS for reading and sharing my blog.
Miss Brazil - Priscila Machado
Miss Universe 2011 contestant

Miss Czech Republic - Jitka Novackova
Miss Universe 2011 contestant

Miss Japan - Maria Kamiyama
Miss Universe 2011 contestant

I have previously featured paperdolls that were from these countries; they have also viewed my blog -

Miss Netherlands - Kelly Weekers
Miss Universe 2011 contestant

Miss Denmark - Sandra Amer
Miss Universe 2011 contestant

Miss Germany - Valeria Bystritskaia
Miss Universe 2011 contestant

Miss Turkey - Melisa Asli Pamuk
Miss Universe 2011 contestant

I will be featuring paper dolls from other countries in future blogs.
Here are some of the countries, who have also checked out my blog!

Miss France - Laury Thilleman
Miss Universe 2011 contestant

Miss Argentina - Natalia Rodriguez
Miss Universe 2011 contestant

Miss Sweden - Ronnia Fornstedt
Miss Universe 2011 contestant

Miss Spain - Paula Guillo
Miss Universe 2011 competitor

Up next, a big THANK YOU to Australia and to New Zealand for checking out my blog on a regular basis!

Miss Australia - Scherri-Lee Biggs
Miss Universe 2011 contestant

Miss New Zealand - Priyani Puketapu
Miss Universe 2011 contestant
Well, I have run out of blogging time.
I have a room to paint with Michael. I picked a really nice, fairly bright yellow color, for 1 or 2 walls. I like it. I hope I like it as well when it is up on the walls!

I have had 46 different countries check out my blog,
so you know I have a few still to feature and say
a big thanks to.

I had hoped to fit in a little about
September is National Honey Month
But that will have to wait for another day!

Have a wonderful weekend.
I will take pictures of the finished room,
but don't expect it tomorrow!!

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