Monday, September 19, 2011

Color me RED!

Avast Matey...

Pirate Language for 'What's Up?'


Remember to answer your phone today with a hearty

"Arrgghh, what be your business?"
"Avast, matey!"
"Ahoy there!"


vintage Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes decal

Today I celebrate all things red!
Perhaps it started with my choice of mug for my morning cafe'-
black and white line drawings of Winnie the Pooh characters,
with the inside of the mug a bright true red!

Perhaps it was the water cup that I picked for today -
a black commuter cup with the red symbol of Lucent Technologies.

Perhaps I am inspired by the red 'Batman' phone that Michael keeps on the desk, covered with a glass dome, just like Commissioner Gordon has.

Who knows what quirk in my brain went red today?

so, am I seeing red?

mushrooom felt pincushion,

"Seeing red" is American slang for 'being really mad or angry'.

many red butterflies, vintage clip royalty free from Dover Books

You can't think of red things, without thinking of the red rose -


or Dorothy's Red Ruby Slippers -

necklace for sale at

a vintage cigar ad

and of course, I have to add at least one red costume from Liana's blog -
I have posted the 2 base paper dolls that fit this costume numerous times in previous blogs - search for 'Liana's"

Here are a couple more red vintage song sheet covers:


a red cardinal for you -

One red milk maid page from a vintage Alphabet Book -

Is my face red yet?

(American slang for 'I am embarrased')

("Boy, my face sure is red!")

Think I'll end today with a Happy red Mary Poppins poster!



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