Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Summer Day


Bahamas - informal hello

a rubber stamped card, creator unknown

Today is a wonderful summer day.
I'd like to remember today, in November!

a lovely summer dress by Liana - address to the right

Time to be picking some great vegetables!


We could go to a fancy Barbeque -

Scarlet O'Hara Barbie, Gone With The Wind

and invite a friend or two

BIG thanks to OrigamiBears and her wonderful paperdoll site.
Address is to the right -

Let's Make some cool and easy summer snacks:

This is from a Kraft recipe site,
but I didn't write down the directions.
This is what I would try:

Ritz type crackers
(there are some fun herbed type round crackers too)

Washed green grapes, cut in half

fresh raspberries and blueberries

a Philly flavored cream cheese, spreadable

Look at the photo, and make it to look like that!
I added in blueberries for a different change of color.
You could also do blackberry centers.

In the photo they show cut out green apple peelings
to look like stems.
I am way too lazy to do that, and would just skip that part!

Perfect kitchen food thing to do with the kids!



Maybe I'll just hang out in the yard -


with a few friends of course:




recycled bottlecap magnet made from all recycled junk mail, etc.


I'll sit on my swing, and perhaps read a book.

'Storytime' entirely drawn with pencils,

I'm reading Michael Jecks right now.
He writes medieval mysteries
that are painstakingly researched for accuracy in all the details.
It's really been a fascinating way to learn history!
He writes fiction, but he mentions in his intros
what is fact and what is fiction.

Here is the amazon addy for the first in the series:

"The Last Templar"

I hope you check him out, and enjoy him as much as I have!

I have been doing some scherensnitte recently.
I need to replace my #11 blade that fits 2 of my knives,
but I cannot find my box of them
So today I am off to the store to buy some replacement blades.
But, going shopping
is a good way to spend part of a nice summer day too!
air conditioning!

Well, all this talk of relaxation makes me want to go take a nap...
eyes getting closed...
best sign off



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