Monday, July 11, 2011

A Few More of My Favorite Things

"A Dr. Seavall's Success Story" 

Well, I have a few stories to tell today!

First, why have I named one of my Collage Art Dolls after a mysterious 'Dr. Seavall'?

Answer: Dr. Seavall was my very good, perfectionist orthodontist. After I had been married a few years, my parents came into a small amount of $$. They gave both my sister and I the opportunity to get braces at that time - something they had always wanted to do for us, but never had the money.
With the $$ they gave me, and with the dental insurance program Michael had at work (Western Electric at the time) we were able to afford braces for me.

I am still grateful today.
'Jed Clampett' from Beverly Hillbillies
with a big smile

The dentist had told me that my teeth were so packed together, making it impossible to floss or clean properly, that I would lose most of my teeth by my 40's, or sooner.
Oh yeah, braces were sounding pretty darn good!

So there I was in my late 20's, with braces. None of those modern ones that are clear and hard to tell you have them. Nope. I got the heavy metal kind! For 3 years Dr. Seavall was a constant in my life. I do appreciate all the tweaking and all- he is a perfectionist you know! The last few months I carried Peter to all my appointments in a carry-cradle. Before that, trying to fit my pregnant person into chairs that mostly catered to children and teens; and trying to fit the tools tray over me - well, it was interesting to say the least!

So, I have dedicated a big smile Collage Art Doll to Dr. Seavall.
Thanks Dr. Seavall.

'The Andy Griffith Show'
A smile that Dr. Seavall would be proud of!

Okay, another story to tell -

Saturday I had a terrible headache all day long.
No way was I looking at a computer screen for any length of time, so no blog.
I always get irritated when I can't do my blog.
I love sharing my favorite things, learning with you about all sorts of creative things and just having fun.
Tigers - a favorite thing!

So here comes Sunday.

I worked quite hard and long to have a very nice blog, since I had missed the day before - a fun Little Miss Muffet nursery rhyme blog.

Right before I publish, I always do a 'save now' so the blog gets all the last details that I have put in.

The 'save now' button has been frozen by a cryogenic Martian space ray. That's as good an explanation as any other one. Bottom line, my blog has been 'saved' only through the first 3 items.


Yep, it won't save. It won't do anything. Well, it frustrated me to no end, but that doesn't count as doing anything.

Okay, I have had this happen before. I know what to do! I copy the whole blog, and put it safely into a Word Document.
Hah! I'll out-smart this ol' blog program!

Bob Newhart, looking smug, just like me!

I do some computer clicking, etc., get into a new post format, and copy and paste the whole thing from Word to the blog!
Oh yeah, I'm jiggy-with it...

It won't copy and past any of the graphics, pictures,
illustrations, etc. Only the words.


Well, I am so shall we say 'upset' by this point, that I just had to go and watch a John Wayne movie.
No blog Sunday.

Who can be mad when John Wayne is saving the day, right?

My original intent for today's blog was to 'catch up' on a few things, and share some of my favorites. Guess I had to vent first!

And no, that isn't 'venti', like in a decaf, no foam, hazelnut latte'!
Which also happens to be my favorite coffee drink...

Let us get on with the fun!

Back in my May 1st blog -
"A few of my favorite things"

I had said I would give you the rest of the paper doll clothes from 'Liddle Kiddles'. Three pages worth to be exact.
So, a couple of months later, here they are!
For the 'Liddle Kiddle' dolls that these clothes fit, go back to my
May 1st blog to get the dolls.

This is not a complete set. I had 'Liddle Kiddles' when I was growing up, and I know there are more clothes out there, plus some more of the 'Liddle Kiddle' dolls. Perhaps one of you have them!
Please share!

Here are some other 'Liddle Kiddle' clothes, but they are not sized to fit. You will have to do a bit of tweaking.

from a 'Liddle Kiddle' Camelot set of paper dolls

Now, what else do I need to catch up on?
How about the rest of the 1985
'Friends Around the World' published by Current?
I have shared the base dolls, and a couple of costumes.
Let's just do the whole shebang now!

I just love this set! I love the detail put into the costumes, and all the extras each 'country' has with it. Enjoy!

Here are a few of my favorite 'famous' people:

Judy Garland

Sophie Loren

Vincent Price
and I also love the Muppet version: Vincent Twice, Vincent Twice!

Don Knotts in 'The Andy Griffith Show'
actually, Don Knotts in anything!

Lucille Ball

Carol Burnett

Sandra Bullock

and a favorite of mine since I first saw her in
Saturday Night Live, back in the 70's -

and here is Goldie Hawn in "Overboard" (one of my favorite movies) with one of the funniest impressions of a spoiled rich girl -

Well of course I could go on and on with favorite 'stars', but I really should finish breakfast, do some housework,  do laundry,

And who knows?
Maybe tomorrow we will have a nice blog about
Little Miss Muffet!


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