Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mary had a little lamb Nursery Rhyme fun


That's Mary's teacher calling for her....

to get rid of that lamb!

Today I'm having fun with

the well known nursery rhyme -

Mary Had A Little Lamb

So you can hum along with me,
Here is the sheet music to the familiar song:

vintage illustration

Now here's the second verse,
sung just like the first one.

Don't forget those repeats!

Here's another coloring page for you:

Let's get out our snipping scissors,

and cut some scherensnitte rhyme!

Here is my cutting, using the above pattern:

I framed it using a vintage frame clipping, available from Dover.

a vintage illustration

Next is a book illustrated by one of my faves -
Tomie dePaola:

what looks to be a vintage illustration, listed as a free embroidery pattern,

There were a couple of really cute coloring pages and 1 with the song at the bottom here,
but the site where I picked them up from didn't list the source,
and the 'source' sent me a letter saying I couldn't use it, not even if I gave them credit,
unless I provided only a small thumbnail (less than 200x200) and a direct link to their site,
and prior written notification and their prior approval.
Hmmm... no, that's not the purpose of my blog.
I do my blogs for everyone to enjoy, not to tout a specific website, or for you to get directed to web sites all over the place if you only want that one picture, etc.
I'm not in to ads either!
I DO try to list my sources as best I can, so you can check them out and see if there are other things you like from that site.
I really like the graphics and/or facts on several sites. My favorites are listed on the right of my blog. Please, check them out and have fun with them! I do!

Oh yes, and that source said they could change their policy at any time!
Oh people....can't we all just be honest and enjoy each other's uniqueness?

This is NOT one of them!

clipart courtesy

Okay, is this an adorable costume or what?

A scherensnitte clipping to purchase at

One more coloring page:

I love all the different interpretations that artists have given Mary.
Charming costumes,
adorable lambs.....can't lose!

cover art from a Paul McCartney CD from the 1970's

That's it for today! know you're going to be humming
Mary had a little lamb
all day long!



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  1. Thanks a lot for this post.
    It's so sweet!
    Elsita :)