Saturday, May 21, 2011

Vintage women

Today I'm a little "dull", so I will be sharing mostly photographs of vintage women. If I know the name and the date of the photo, I will add that below each picture.

Enjoy our rich heritage of hair styles, costumes, hats, gloves and makeup!

Alma Rubens, hollywood star

Dorothy Lamour, Hollywood actress

Cyd Charisse, hollywood star

Claudette Colbert, Hollywood star

Check out those eyebrows!

Brigette Bardot, Hollywood star
Brigette lives in France now, and is an avid protector of animals and their rights.

Clara Bow, Hollywood star

1910 street messenger

Billie Burke, Hollywood star
You may know her best as Glinda, The Good Witch of the North, Wizard of Oz.

Anna May Wong

Bette Davis, Hollyward star

Ava Gardner, publicity still for 'The Killers'


Here are some vintage song sheet graphics, that include photos of women who are either singing the song, or are connected with the song in some way.

 c. 1904
c. 1901 

I hope you've had fun looking at some of our Hollywood history, vintage song sheet graphics, and all the art that goes with it.

See you tomorrow!

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