Friday, May 27, 2011

The Language of Flowers - Pansy

Today is a bright and sunny day here in the Rocky Mountain foothills.
This always improves my mood.

A Good Day to you!

Today I would love to share some pansies with you.
I realize I have done a previous post on pansies, so today will be a bit different.
those are a 5lb. bag of chocolates, sold on e-bay by With Love

I would save every pansy foil!


In the language of flowers, a pansy means

Loving Thoughts

these are pansies from my garden, in early spring when other things are just thinking 'bout poking leaves above ground:

except the weeds that is!

for sale by Andreas Silicone on Amazon

You can find these for sale on Amazon, along with a bevy of other flower seeds.

Here is the official flower fairies of Mary Cecily Barker site:

Martha Stewart has an interesting punch:
Liana has a few lovely dresses
 that remind me of the different colors that pansies come in:

Both of Liana's dolls here fit all the dresses.  Yippee!

Here is such a simple home decorating project.
Talk about budget!!!

Home Decorating Budget Project:

pansies in jars by

This is a just a lovely water color.

But the idea is wonderful for home decorating as well.

Collect clean glass bottles.
                  Some ideas for empty bottles -
Soy Sauce
flavored vinegars
mushroom jars
flavoring extract bottles
soda in a bottle
really, anything you can find to recycle!

A variety of heights, shapes, sizes is what you are looking for.

Purchase from the store, or wander in your garden. Pick flowers with as long stems as you can get.
Place in bottles/jars with water.

What about white flowers with colored water?

tip:   Did you know to remove all leaves below water level? This will help keep your water clean and your flowers fresher.

How about a pretty teacup, or a grouping of 3 or 5 teacups?
These shorter vessels work terrific for short stemmed flowers.
okay, this one is violas, but it still matches the theme!


A coloring page and colored page from Dover:

a sweet pansy fairy, unknown artist

More coloring fun:

How about an Exotic Flower Fairy from Dover?

Here is a page from the book:
'Fanciful Paper'
I'm a bit rushed today (mom-in-law and dad-in-law from CA, coming any minute.)
I will get the book id and complete name for you tommorrow, plus a photo and amazon purchase info.

See comments below for the link to purchase
'Fanciful Paper Projects'

Here are more fairy patterns for you to make a Flower Fairy yourself:

You can find this, plus directions, plus many more FREE patterns at:

You can sew this, hand sew it, felt it, cut from paper, cut from recycled junk mail - lots and lots of ideas for this basic pattern!

That's it for today!

Tomorrow we will be having fun with edible flowers and more recipes and crafts to do with Pansies, and other flowers!



  1. OOPS!!!
    I forgot to post the link to Amazon for the "Fanciful Paper Projects" book that I mentioned above. Here is the link to Amazon:

    BE SURE to copy and paste the ENTIRE address.
    The book is fabulous and I highly recommend you purchase it.
    My most sincere apologies to Sandra Evertson, the author. This was simply an oversight on my part. No harm was intended.

    Now, go check it out on amazon!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing. I love pansies too. My favorie flower.

  3. How nice of you to share all these ideas! I know what you mean about 50 years of creating, make mine maybe at least 53!

  4. Also called Viola and Heartsease (my favourite name) for a flower I love. Thank you for this page............