Thursday, March 17, 2011

HAPPY SAINT PATRICK'S DAY!!! with some Irish quotes and notes

Erin go braugh!
(That means "Ireland Forever" according to wikipedia.)
Indiana Museums of Music, see side bar for website

"There are only two kinds of people in the world -
The Irish and those who wish they were!"
- Irish saying

Don't forget to wear a bit 'o green today!

vintage crate label, Dover Publications

Here are some fun activity sheets for the kids. These are perfect for when they have to wait in line or rides in the car.


fun (cautionary) fact: The brain's activity level is the same
when watching tv or sleeping.
Hmmmm....I don't recall ever learning something new or communicating better with others or using any brain cells when I am sleeping....

Remember, click on the picture and it should come up
with a larger version that you can easily print.
Courtesy of Dover publications. See side bar for website.

Here is a fun web site that has international children paper dolls that you can color, cut out, mount on cardstock (yeah cereal boxes again) and play with or display. There is a nice Irish/Scottish boy included.

Here is a cute little paper doll girl and an Irish costume:
These are from a booklet of paper dolls "Friends Around the World" by Current, 1985. I will be adding some more of the international costumes in future blogs.

If you haven't tried the joys of glossy paper, do it! I like to print my base paper doll on cardstock, and then print the costumes on glossy paper. Just let the ink dry thoroughly and it works great!
Saint Patrick's Cathedral, New York, New York, USA
Budget craft:
Free magnets -

Gather together all those business cards and ads on magnet sheets that you aren't going to display.

Gather some images to print out, or rubber stamped images.
  * Don't forget all the wonderful photos, vintage clip and other art that I provide every day!
Tip: Recycled calendars are excellent places to find glossy images. And don't forget pictures of family and friends! (or Pierce Brosnan....)

Trace around the magnet onto printed images/stamped image; cut out.
Attach paper image to magnet front with double stick tape. Trim any edge overhang.

You now have beautiful magnets to include in a card or gift basket, or to display on your metal surface choice of the moment.

"There is no strength without unity."
- Irish proverb

Johnstown Castle, Ireland

Here is a simple bead pattern for an amulet bag done in peyote.
I'm sorry, but I don't know who to credit with this design.

One of my absolute favorite places for free beading patterns is:

Well, I still have tons of Irish history fun facts, Irish vintage clip art and images and photos, Vintage Irish Song Sheet graphics, Irish craft ideas.....
But they will have to wait for another day!

I have so enjoyed spreading a bit of Irish the past several days.
What shall we do tomorrow?

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  1. Hope your day was a green day. Thanks for the St. Pat's info I enjoyed it. Hugs, Julie