Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fun on a Dreary Day

If your weather is threatening to become 2 shades of gray only, or the wind is howling threats at you outside, it's time to have some fun!

Chase those old winter blues away - and blow some bubbles!

This activity is super for kids stuck indoors on an inclement day - but it's also for grownups that have had just about as much bad weather as they can take....

Dig into your summer beach bags and get out your bubble blowers and bubble solution. Can't find any bubble solution, or it has all leaked out into the bottom of your bag? No problem, here are two recipes for you:
from 'A Taste of Hackberry' recipe book.

Bubble Solution #1
1 Cup water
3 Tablespoons Detergent
a few drops vegetable oil

I have always added liqud dish soap to my bubble solutions, so perhaps that's what Judy meant when she says Detergent.

Bubble Solution #2
3/4 Cup liquid soap
1/4 Cup glycerin (found at drugstores)
2 quarts warm water

I have always just kind of mixed together some liquid dish soap, a bit of water and here we go!

Let me know what your favorite bubble solution is!

Since this is an inside activity, you might want to cover the couches, lamps, etc. with old sheets. The kids can help with this. Anything that might be damaged with a water spot, or a bit of soap solution should be covered.

Time for bubbles!

Some ways to add extra fun:
 * everyone puts on their swimsuit, and you play some hawaiian music

 * make up contests! Who can blow the most bubbles with one solution dip? Who can blow the highest bubbles? Who can blow the largest bubble? Who can catch bubbles with their blowers? Who can catch the biggest bubble?

I think you get the idea! Here are some more fun ideas:

 * put on some Beach Boys music, and dance in the bubbles!
 * watch the movie "The Incredible Mr. Limpet" with Don Knotts. Everytime he is underwater, everyone has to blow bubbles! Or, everytime his wife is onscreen, bubbles away!
 * watch "Splash" with Tom Hanks. Everytime Madison turns into a mermaid, bubbles!

Here are some more bubble-themed activities:

Make up a small batch of bubble solution. Divide into thirds or fourths into small bowls (like my favorite, glass custard cups). Now add a few drops of colored food dye to each small bowl of solution. Just like dying Easter eggs.
>COVER COVER COVER with newspapers. The newspapers go on the table, the newspapers go all over the floor. The kids don't have to wear newspapers, but they should be in old play clothes. Food Dye can stain!

>Gather up some butcher paper, or scratch paper, plain wrapping paper, drawing or watercolor paper...what ever you have around.
>Get out some plastic straws.
Okay, the idea is that you get a little colored solution in your straw, and then blow it onto the blank paper.
Getting kinda' messy? Not working too well? Try this: Place a drop or two of colored solution on paper. The kids now take their straws and blow on to the drop. HINT: this works best if the kids are close to the same level as the table, so they are really 'blowing' horizontally across the paper. Now add a drop of a different color onto the paper. What happens when two different colors get together? Which color shows up better?
Set aside to dry. They can now be hung up for display - remember! each person should sign their creaton.
OR after drying you can cut them into  diploma sized pieces, and write on them with a good skinny marker things as: 
Best Bubble Blower
Best Biggest Bubble
Best Tiny Bubbles
etc. Add some scraps of ribbon, stickers, little silk flowers or award stickers (you can get these at an office supply store) or.....
After your bubble blowing time, the diplomas can be passed around! EVERY one who participated in any way gets a diploma. Did the dog join in on the fun? Give him a diploma! The front of the refrigerator is a really good place to display diplomas, or add them above the coat/hat rack in the hallway. Tape them up onto the bathroom mirror. Pin them to a curtain over the kitchen window. Let the kids know they did a great job, and that silliness is a crucial part of becoming a well-rounded person. (Not in the physical sense...)

"I think there's a little child in all of us
 and we all too often forget to let the child out to play."
- Donna A. Favors

Tommorrow, we'll have some kirigami projects
and more fun with our Spraying Box!

Remember - a giggle a day keeps the doctor at bay!
Thanks Dad, for giving me a sense of humor:
"The great man is he
who does not lose
his child's heart."
- Mencius, Book IV

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