Thursday, February 17, 2011

Welcome to my serendipity dreams.

Drawing from a creative pool of more than 40 years, you will find here how-to tips in numerous arenas. Quotes of the day. Tidbits to make your crafting easier. Favorite recipes, favorite websites, favorite products. An eclectic swirl of fun crafting and art!

inkspired musings will include (but not limited to!) some of the following:
rubber stamping                      sewing                   paper dolls
quote of the day                      beading                  altered art
mixed media                           scherensnitte          painting
kirigami                                  shrink art               gardening
fairies                                     angels                    die cuts
origami                                   papel picado           mermaids
glitter art                                etiquette                recycling

My creativity is overflowing...let's get started!

Quote of the moment:
"Now isn't imagination a precious thing? It peoples the earth with all manner of wonders, strange beasts and birds; angels, cherabim and seraphim.
And it has to be exercised.
No child should be permitted to grow up without exercise for imagination.
It enriches life for him.
It makes things wonderful and beautiful."
..............Mark Twain, American wit, author and traveler

Recycling for the newbie:
Recycling - taking anything that has been used for one purpose, and using it for a different purpose. Instead of using an item once, and then throwing it into the trash (and filling up our oceans, landfills, and rivers), you can be active in making a difference.
Really! You can!
What can one person do? Can I really make a difference? I am only one person.

Yes!!! You CAN make a difference. All of those single grains of sand make up an awfully big beach.

Here are some of my favorite recyclers that have made recycling into a profitable full time job!

Have fun browsing around!
Here is the link to my etsy store:
I just love to recycle things!

*Wash and dry several glass jars and bottles.
*What kind? Pick several different heights and shapes. Clear glass is preferred. Think spaghetti sauce, baby food, etc.
*Be sure to remove all labels.
     Still left with sticky residue? Try Goo-be-Gone or acetone. Sometimes nail polish remover (with acetone) will work just fine. Takes off any ink marks on the bottles also.
*Line up jars and bottles on a shelf in the sunlight, or in a grouping on a table.
     Use uneven number of jars. 3, 5 or 7.
*Fill jars with different levels of water.
*Add ONE DROP AT A TIME food coloring, differenct colors for each jar.
     Remember, food coloring may stain clothing or carpet.
*PLAY! Experiment with color combinations. What is the worst thing that could happen? You have to dump out the water and start fresh. No big deal.
Fun things to put into your colored water jar/bottle display:

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