Thursday, July 2, 2020

All God’s Children

All kaleidoscopes by inkspired using the KaleidoCam app.

I have always loved folk costumes from around the world.
I love to learn about different countries,
with their unique cultures, languages,
crafts, food and so much more.

I thought today I would share some of my favorite 
people photos from around the world.


Oh, and let me mention that children
are absolutely the best representatives of their
individual countries.
With a child, pretty much what you see is
The Real Deal!


“When you learn something 
from people, or from culture,
you accept it as a gift,
and it is your lifelong commitment
to preserve it and build on it.”

- Yo-Yo Ma

First Communion, Bata,
Equatorial Guinea

“Culture opens the sense of beauty.”

- Ralph Waldo Emerson


“To travel 
is to discover
that everyone 
is wrong about

- Aldous Huxley

Hmong tribe, Vietnam

“Strength lies in differences,
in similarities.”

- Stephen R. Covey

Iowa, United States of America

“We become not a melting pot
a beautiful mosaic.
Different people,
Different beliefs,
Different yearnings,
Different hopes, 
Different dreams.”

- former President Jimmy Carter

Borana Tribe, Kenya

“We live now in a global village
and we are in one single family.
It’s our responsibility 
to bring friendship and love
from all different places around the world
and to live together
in peace.”

- Jackie Chan


Saudi Arabia 

“Culture is the widening of
the mind 
and of the spirit.

- Jawaharlal Nehru

Photo credit: RURO

“Be a lover of the world,
it is the only way
to survive it.”



May today find your heart at peace,
No matter what circumstance.
Remember to teach the children
Peace and Joy.

‘Til next time,

I collected quotes from many sources.
These are most of them:

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Life’s Joys

All kaleidoscopes by inkspired 

What a beautiful day today has been!

Sitting in the sun with a light breeze,
chatting with friends
and petting a dog head...
...makes me very happy!

What makes you happy?

Beading also makes me happy.
There’s something very addictive about running 
my hand through a pile of beads...
...picking out the beads I will use
in my next project.

What projects are you working on?

To relax, have a little laugh and unwind...
...I watch (mostly Korean) dramadys.
What is a dramady?
It is a combination drama + comedy!
Perhaps it is written ‘dramedy’ instead?

This Korean ‘dramedy’ was a fun one!

What do you do to relax,
laugh a little and unwind?

There are so many things that I enjoy:

Drawing Zentangles,
Writing a blog,
Painting with watercolors or acrylics,
Cutting out paper,
Making paper collages from junk mail,
Paper dolls,
My dog Riva,
Creating cards and card backgrounds,
Baking (especially muffins!),
Playing piano,
Jigsaw puzzles,
Watching Korean dramedies,
Fairies and Mermaids,
Vintage art,
Vintage fashions...

Oh the list goes on and on!

Why not make a list of things you love to do
Or that make you feel happy
and place it on your bathroom mirror?

Every morning choose at least one item 
and do it!

A paper cutting I finished a long time ago,
and then I played with my photo apps!

My wish for you is that you find some time
to enjoy life...every day.

‘Til next time,

Truth, usually experienced before 10am or coffee-
“When squeezing a bottle of glue or ink, or?
it is always a very good idea 
to take the lid off first.”

Friday, June 19, 2020

Tea Party with WOES

Teacups, private collection

‘It’s always time for tea.’

- anonymous 

Watercolor by Judith Stein

I am in love with the teacup.
Each cup has its’ own personality.
I find the older the teacup,
the more it has to say.

Well, is at it again.
Absolutely will not let me post any photos,
they are all bunched up at the top.
I am tired.
I wanted to share a nice blog about teacups
And edible flowers
And recipes
And a pretty dress or two.
I have sent requests in for help.
Searched the internet for answers.
I need to go have a cup of tea,
And Relax.
Maybe read a book.

Thanks for checking in.
Please do check back later.
Someone must know what’s going on 
And fix it.

‘Til next time
(Hopefully sooner than later),

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Here a whine, there a whine, blogging woes

Well, feeling not so welcome.

I have been trying to write a new post for several days.
Blogger is switching over to a ‘new & improved’ version.
The version I have always used, and am using now
is called ‘legacy’.

Why do you care?
I cannot get the new version to even start.

No text size options, no color of text
And it won’t let me center the text.
Oh, there are the buttons to do those things.
I set it just so.
Go to type the first letter and POOF!
It all reverts to small text size in black, left margin only.
I have tried adding spaces and starting again
No Go.

In my frustration I suppose I am being cathartic 
in whining like this. 
If I just wanted to talk the new version might be ok.
I have always shared photos and tutorials and illustrations.
Those are a big part of my blogging.

If I can’t do that,
why am I blogging?

I will work on my patience.
I will read more useless ‘help’ threads
that use language I don’t have a clue what is meant.
Perhaps I might even get a real blog out,
who knows?
Anything can happen, right?

Thanks for lending an ear.
‘Til next time,

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Tea is always nice

Eclectically Mine To Share, Pinterest

‘There is nothing quite like
a freshly brewed pot of tea
to get you going in the morning.’

- Phyllis Logan

Vintage advertisement, High Society Tea, Pinterest

“Rainy days should be spent at home
with a cup of tea and a good book.”

- Bill Watterson

Unknown artist, Pinterest

Vintage Japanese teacup

“There is something in the nature
of tea that leads us into a world
of quiet contemplation of life.”

Lin Yutang

Vintage Japanese teacup with Lithopane geisha

‘Wouldn’t it be dreadful
to live in a country
where they didn’t have tea?’

- Noel Coward

Well, I did have more to share, but
blogspot just got all weird and won’t post my

‘Til next time,inkspired 

Some places I found tea

Monday, June 8, 2020

Yellow going, going, gone

All kaleidoscopes by inkspired and KaleidoCam 

Hawaii became the 50th state of
the United States of America in August, 1959.
It is the only island state.

In fact, Hawaii is made up of over 135 islands!
Originally found on all of the main islands,
the yellow hibiscus flower is the State Flower and is found only in Hawaii.

When Hawaii was still a territory in 1923
the hibiscus was chosen as Hawaii’s flower.
No color was specified, and people got confused.
Artists started using the red hibiscus in travel posters and advertisements. But some used other colors.
It wasn’t until 1988 that Hawaii designated
the Yellow Hibiscus as their state flower.

Fun Fact:
Each of the islands that make up Hawaii have
an official designated  flower!

There are over 200 different colors of hibiscus now!
Hibiscus can be grown in common gardens and is a favorite with its’ showy 4 - 6 inch blooms.
Even though it is called a bush, 
it can grow up to 30 feet high!

the Yellow variety is almost extinct.
It is extremely rare to see one growing wild.
Of the 3 subspecies of yellow hibiscus,
all 3 are listed as critically endangered.

Artist Wendy Hollkuder

In 2007 there was a large fire on the island of
Oahu, which destroyed 85% of the yellow hibiscus growing there.
Other contributing factors are cattle, pigs and goats; alien plants* and urban development that destroy the flowers and their habitat.

*not ‘alien’ like green with 3 eyes and 7 arms alien,
but plants that have NOT come to the islands
by a natural way - 
think seeds in bird droppings, the wind, etc.

Usually alien plants, animals, bugs, etc. become established because of something humankind did.
Sometimes we think we can improve the balance of Nature, and make things ‘better’.
Sometimes we are just careless, 
such as when a Captain would let his ship get dirty, and sick rats would jump onboard.
When the ship stops at a different port
the rats jump off, thinking this may be better
than riding around in storms!
Now the new port has sick rats with a 
new disease to the people.
Those rats are ‘alien’ disease carriers.

Thinking back to the 1860’s the yellow hibiscus 
was an exotic flower from an exotic land far away!
I have no idea how available they were to be included 
in a small posy of flowers that was full of hidden messages and secret meanings.
 However the Victorians did have a sentiment attached to it-

Delicate Beauty

What a huge compliment that would have been to a young lady of the times.

Women were to be treasured, and placed on pedestals of purity and virtue and...
Being Delicate and Helpless and Beautiful
were ideal traits!

Antique illustration of a fainted woman with smelling salts being applied

Have you ever heard of “fainting couches”?
This is what they were originally for!

Using a ‘fainting’ type couch for a Hollywoodland glamour shot.

And THAT is the 
Language of the Flower Hibiscus.
If you were a Victorian Young Lady
you could swoon about now,
but check to make sure there is a soft place 
to land before you swoon!

As always when I write a blog
I have learned several things
Thanks for riding along and 
sharing the adventure with me!

Here are some of the places I visited for information:
Pinterest with multiple authors/artists

Language of Flowers/ illustrated by Kate Greenaway
Originally 1884, London
Then by Dover Publications, unabridged edition, 1990, USA

Til next time,