Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Fantasy Fairytale Fun


All kaleidoscopes by inkspired 
and KaleidoCam 

This one I used a Disney jigsaw puzzle as its’ base.
Recognize the fairytale?
It is a very old story told and re-told through the centuries, but not quite what Disney movie writers interpreted!

The ‘original’ Aladdin was Chinese,
not Persian!
After he marries the Princess
he continues with quite a few adventures
involving wicked magicians,
jealous loser Princes,
not just flying but really traveling to distant lands,
losing the magic lamp,
regaining the magic lamp,

2 vintage storybook illustrations

Did you catch the Aladdin paper dolls 
by Cory Jensen? They were in my Princess blog 
from a few days ago.
Here are a few more Aladdin paper dolls
by Cory Jensen-

We shouldn’t forget Jafar either!

Here are a couple more-

All by Cory Jensen!

Now, this wasn’t supposed to be a blog about 
Aladdin specifically,
but more about general fairytales!

Vintage St Patrick’s Day card

Some old fairytales,
and some new ones!

 Antique paperdoll with fairytale costumes 

Vintage Sleeping Beauty

Vintage Sleeping Beauty illustration

this blog has taken me days to finish!
Just one of those things,
with all of life’s little interruptions...

Disney movie poster
‘Snow White and the seven Dwarfs’

A Disney Castle

Now it is time to close,
and get myself more organized for my next blog!

Fabulous artist Margaret Tarrant

‘Til next time,

Truth, usually experienced before 10 am,
Or before coffee -
Do not attempt starting laundry until later in the day,
or you risk finding it days later,
still in the washing machine.

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Paper doll Princesses

All kaleidoscopes by inkspired and KaleidoCam 

I have posted many paper dolls over the years.
They are one of my first loves,
along with my treasured Barbies.

Thought you might enjoy some
Disney paper dolls today.
They are easy to download and print,
cut out and play with.

All the paper dolls I am sharing today are from
the artist Cory Jensen.
I love his style, AND 
he offers them for pure enjoyment
to all!

I am starting out with a series he has of characters from animated Disney movies,
one page of doll and outfit(s).

Cory Jensen also draws paper dolls representing
some of the Disney movies that have gone on to be hit Broadway musicals.

These are more realistic and modeled after 
the actual actors -

These paper dolls are from Disney live action movies -

And we could never forget characters from

If you like what you see,
Check out Cory Jensen’s Facebook page
for lots of free downloads.

Here are a few villains for you -

There are so many more to share,
but I think I better close now,
So you can go check out his Facebook page!

You can find many of his beautiful paper dolls
on Pinterest also.

‘Til next time,

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Splish! Splash!

 All kaleidoscopes are by inkspired and KaleidoCam 

I did some weeding yesterday.
Planted some wildflower seeds and
watered everything in the front-
Some grass,

Fortunately it was a nice day in the 60’s.
It got me thinking of swimming pools
Which always gets me thinking about


An original Collage Art Doll by inkspired

I have no idea when my fascination
with mermaids began.

I’m not anything like my sister,
So perhaps I was left on a doorstep,
or found on a beach...

I know this is a well known artist but I sure can’t find the name! Sorry.

She always did tell me they found me on the doorstep. She told my parents to 
‘Put her back!’
But they didn’t listen, so here I am....

Susan B. Pearse (1878-1980)

Mermaid lore has been around for a very long time,
across many cultures.
Artists have been mesmerized,
Poets have been enchanted
and People have dreamed.

 Found on Pinterest where no credit was given. Grrrr...

 An original ooak collage art doll by inkspired
‘Mermaid Wedding Dress’
An old TWA airlines poster

  Bookmark, sold on Etsy

Vintage illustration

Found on Pinterest - love it!

Would you like to learn how to draw a mermaid?
I found a couple of How-To-Draw sheets:

 By Maxine Lee Makkie

I also found some sea creature friends
you can add to your mermaid scene.

 By WooJr.com

 By 10minutesofqualitytime.com

By Macidrawingjournal.thewhitestyle.ru

Vintage Peter Pan art with meme 

Next are some more realistic 
mermaid interpretations:

 I really searched to try and find the artist who painted this, to no avail.
I think she is an absolute beauty among mermaids.

By Anita Greene, found on Pinterest

“The Promise” by Victor Nizovtsev

Mr. Nizovtsev is one of my favorite mermaid artists.

That’s it for today, because beside the sea,
Others are calling me,
For instance,
An unmixed coffee cake,
Dead head my daffodils 
Deliver to neighbors
Label and address card;
Give card to post office
Pick up dog p**p
Clean my craft room
Finish painting rocks
the List just goes on...
and on...

Or a nap could be good.
So could gluing some cards...
So many choices we have!!!

‘Til next time,

Truth, (usually discovered before 10am,
or before coffee)...
Your coffee will not heat up in the microwave
if you don’t turn on the microwave.
No matter how long you wait for it.