Sunday, July 2, 2017

Fireworks and Dogs

Well, I am still figuring out how to load pictures!
In your mind, picture an antique graphic with two American flags, crossed at the poles.
 The flags are surrounded with vintage florals and fireworks.
Now you see my picture, hand picked for you!

Growing pains, bear with me.

Our dog Tyler barks at the invasion of fireworks and thunder.
These are 2 things we have no control over, 
so Tyler needs to modify his idea of what we need defending from. 
Not so simple!
A work in progress, which our neighbors have been testing us with 
almost nightly for a week or more now.

We live in an unincorporated area of the county, so fireworks are legal, 
unless the governor declares all fireworks taboo in the state due to high fire risks,
which is extremely unpopular and not good for reelection.

We live less than 2 hours from the Wyoming border, a state which apparently sells the "big" fireworks that are not sold in Colorado.
All of this means we have very large fireworks going off behind us,
 across the street and over a block.
Poor Tyler.

We are going to try a compression wrap on the Fourth I think.
(Insert diagram here of how to wrap it!)
You can purchase thunder shirts for dogs also.
The idea is that the tighter feeling (like a tight t-shirt) brings security and safety to the dog.
Let me know if you have tried this!
We'll see if it diminishes dog duties of protection too.

The sacred dog code of reason to live

til next time,