Saturday, September 27, 2014

Autumn's jewelry box with quotes

collage paper painting art doll made from all recycled junk mail

The leaves are turning shades of
golden, rust, burgundy, and purple...

As Autumn approaches
we put away our summer clothing
unpack for cooler temperatures.

We start to wear different colors
that match the season.

Here are a few Autumn jewelry choices,
taken from my treasury:

Autumn's Jewelry Box

"Pure, intense emotions.
It's not about design.
It's about feelings."

- Alper Elbaz

Carnelian & Copper "Loop de Loop" Earrings

"Style is a way to say who you are
without having to speak."

- Rachel Zoe

Huichol Beaded Flower earrings

"Fashion is a great thing,
it's a way to express
who you are."

 - Zendaya

HENNA WAVE symbol bacelet Copper shapping  - copper jewelry - wire jewelry

"Style is very personal.
It has nothing to do with fashion.
Fashion is over quickly.
Style is forever."

- Ralph Lauren

Vintage Rootbeer Amber & Dark Brown Swirl Bakelite Bangle Bracelet

Spiral Waves Adjustable Ring

"What you wear
is such an expression of
who you are."

- Diane Kruger

"I obviously have 
a great love and appreciation
 of jewelry,
thanks to my mother,
much to the dismay  of both 
my father and my boyfriends."

- Ivanka Trump

Made in Turkey Hand Made Authentic / Tribal Hand Painted Naturel Copper Earring Code: 022

Set of North African Berber Bracelets

Red and Orange Earrings. Foliage Color Earrings. Rectangular Earrings. Czech Beads Earrings. Fall Earrings. Cooper Earrings. Jewelry by Anna

"Fashion should be
and fun."
- Twiggy

"Tangerine Tango"

I hope I have inspired you a little
to search in your jewelry box
for some fun Fall jewelry!

After all, jewelry is an inexpensive way
to turn an outfit from 
to WOW!

Billboard's 4th annual

'til next time!


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  1. Love some of this jewelry, some of it is great on other people, but I probably would not wear it, some of it is making me drool. LOL