Thursday, July 10, 2014

Let's play with our food today!

Yum Yum!

Food always tastes better
after fooling around with it!


Watch out for the icy treats, though...

primate with icy food, page by Sara Yoo

..cauth your tongue might get thtuck!

Phoenix Zoo bears with ice popsicle

It's always good to check out your food
very carefully...

Macaque checking for hidden treats in a straw Valentine

'cause you never know what might be in it!

meerkats checking out a watermelon for....
photo credit: Dennis Dow

Sometimes it's good to check out your food from a safe place -

or to let a friend check it out first.

raccoon enrichment log

Don't forget,
eating your greens can be fun too!

page by Savannah Cox

You can always add some veggies for color -

frozen salad for the turtle

No need to stuff your mouth,

chipmunk with nuts

orangutan at Moscow Zoo

Part of the fun is getting the last crumb!

Augo the polar bear, playng at the Aalborg Zoo, Denmark

Pike the polar bear playing at San Francisco Zoo, CA

and checking out for any missed treats -

Florida panther

Orangutan checking out jack-o-lanterns

All finished?
Don't forget to wash up
and dispose of any leftovers properly -

watermelon bear treat


You might want to take a nap next...

rhino fun

Thailand priest with one of the tigers they feed

or cool off in the pool...

Conrad the Bear playing

or maybe play a little pick-up ball game...

cow playing with food ball

Eddie the Sea Otter playing basketball to help his arthritis
Oregon Zoo

elephant baby playing soccer

Whatever you choose,

Thailand giant panda at the Chiang Mai Zoo

lion cub playing with brother

dog playing piano and singing
page by Sarah Barness

always remember...

playing with your food is fun!

'til next time,
and on pinterest:  K.Kloberdans

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