Thursday, May 29, 2014

Celebrity sparkle fashions


Anne Hathaway at the 2011 Golden Globe Awards
found at

I love all those red carpet fancy gowns with

Let's add in some extra accessories
that might make them even better -
if that's possible!!

Ms. Hathaway's dress is really all the jewelry she needs, as the dress IS the jewelry!
However, I think these edgy earrings would add a fun
touch to the glitzy fashion -
what do you think?

sterling silver mod earrings $80.00

Next is Cate Blanchett:

Cate Blanchett at the 2014 Oscars
found on

Ms. Blanchett's gown is very tastefully done -
I love the sheer but not see-thru illusion.
Wouldn't these lace peep toe shoes look gorgeous with it?

champagne lace heels $63.00

Here's another gown where the gown itself 
is all the jewelry needed!

Nicole Kidman, found on

I am not so fond of the bra-look bodice,
but I love the rest of this beaded column dress!

I think these sling back heels, with a touch of neutral
color, would look pretty peeking out 
from underneath Ms. Kidman's gown
to accentuate all that gorgeous beading:

Carlos Santana sling back snakeskin leather heels $19.00

Nina Dobrev sparkles in this dress:

Nina Dobrev at Awards 2010
found on

back view of Nina Dobrev's Awards dress, 2010
found on

Her lacy diamond earrings are perfect.
I hate how her shoes don't fit!!
Plus, in the 1st photo, they appear to be an odd yellowish color.  I think these 1980's vintage shoes would compliment her ensemble better:

1980s satin shoes with beaded flower spray accent $4.00
- no that's not a typo! But these vintage shoes need a little work on them.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again -
Catherine Zeta-Jones is a beautiful woman
who dresses in beautiful clothes!

Catherine Zeta-Jones Oscars dress
found on

I think this is a fairy-tale dress!
Wouldn't these be fun,
peeking out from under her gown every-so-often?

gold studded and blue 3inch heels $50.00

Next we have Taylor Swift wearing golden sparkles -

Taylor Swift at the 2011 American Music Awards
found on

I think the neck-arm area is a bit too bare.
It looks as if Ms. Swift's gown is being pulled down...

She needs this airy beaded necklace!

moonlight and lace beaded collar pdf for $5.00

Not only do I think it would compliment 
and improve Ms. Swift's ensemble,
this is for a pattern that you can bead yourself!
So, you could change the color or shape of the beads
to fit your outfit!

Gillian Anderson found on

Ms. Anderson's dress has a lot going for it,
but I think she has missed the mark with her accessories.

I think she needs a statement necklace to offset the subtle fabric design and simple lines of this dress.

golden cluster crystal necklace $24.00

I think this stunning statement necklace would really bring out the gold tones from her gown.
What do you think?

I also like this bold Art Deco style necklace:

Art Deco style metalwork necklace $14.00

The soft burnished metal in this piece would not overwhelm
her gown's subtle gold fabric.

Let's add to Ms. Anderson's ensemble a pair of
vintage 1980's gold lame brocade shoes
by Party Line.

Party Line vintage 1980's pumps $48.00

Let's finish our blog today with a movie screen 
and TV actress and Broadway play icon -
Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren at the Golden Globes 2011 Awards
found on

'Older' actresses many times are tempted to dress younger than their age, and it is not becoming.
I think Ms. Mirren has really hit the mark 
with this beautiful gown. 
It is suitable for an 'older' woman, 
and she wears it with class.
Her diamond necklace doesn't overwhelm the dress, 
and indeed it accents the lovely lace on her shoulders.

What can we improve on?
How about this lovely bracelet -

tulle and rhinestone crystal cuff $150.00

I like it that is is a bit bigger than the one she is wearing.
And of course the shoes...

satin and tulle rhinestone accented peep toe platforms $100.00

I like the added rhinestone and tulle embellishments.
I believe these are custom made,
so Ms. Mirren could have them dyed a shade more
'golden champagne'.

That's it for today!
I hope you have enjoyed all my 'fashion' blogs!

'til next time,
and on pinterest:  K.Kloberdans

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

peachy keen celebrity fashions

It's time for another Fashion Show
with Celebrity fashions 
featuring 'peachy-keen' colored accessories
that might have made them even more stunning!

Angelina Jolie
found on

You really can't tell what's under that beautiful draped fabric,
but I think these would be super!
They have a fine gold glitter front, with gold sky-high heels and a hand-painted sole!


For some added interest, wouldn't these look beautiful on her ears, as a compliment to her dress?

brass with white opal glass dragonfly earrings
$19.88 at

Next up is an actress that played it 'minimal' with her jewelry.
That is, if you can call thousands of dollars of diamonds minimal...

Jessica Alba at the Golden Globe Awards
found on

I really enjoy the 'furry' clutch she is carrying.
It adds a kick of fun!
Wouldn't this look beautiful on her other wrist?

hand beaded bracelet with cabochon
found at

and this around her neck?

2009 Bloom Winner hand beaded necklace for $720.00
found at

or perhaps this?

hand beaded free form necklace $135.00

These shoes would add a little more of the funky that Ms. Alba started with her unique clutch:

vintage 1950s confetti print shoes $78.00
made for Nordstrom and found at

Next up is the beautiful Jennifer Hudson -

Ms. Hudson is at the 2011 Oscars
photo found on

I find the squished boob show a bit distracting 
from the rest of her dress,
how about you?
Remove some of the push-up pads from her foundations, 
and try adding this as a beautiful feature necklace:

 handmade lace jewelry,
using a thousands of years-old technique, passed down from generation to generation.
$119.00 found at

The photo doesn't do justice to the beautiful threads used in this necklace!

This next ensemble is just beautiful -

Ginnifer Goodwin at the Emmy Awards, 2012
found on

The shoes are perfectly matched, and so is the belt.
The only thing I might change is to remove the pave diamond ring,
it just looks too big and clunky for the delicateness of the lace 
on the dress and her petite frame.
How about this one instead?

18k gold with diamonds and aquamarine ring
sold at

Next is a beautiful curvy actress -

Danielle Brooks at the 2013 Primetime Emmy Awards
found on

Ms. Brooks has chosen very well.
The simple lines of the dress show off her curves,
rather than emphasize them in a negative way
or trying to hide under layers of fabric.

Because of the rich skin tone she has, I think she
could easily wear this as an attention-getting accent:

spiral burst adjustable hand made bracelet for $20.00
found at

An actress that consistently hits the mark with her fashion-sense:
Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Catherine Zeta-Jones at a function in China, 2013
photo found on

Ms. Zeta-Jones has a beautiful figure and a presence
that compliments anything she wears,
as shown in the above photo.
With a 'busy' pattern at the top, 
you don't want to wear 'busy' jewelry.
I can't tell what her footwear is, but these would look fantastic:

pleated orange stilettos custom made $150.00

Next is a lovely lace overlay dress
worn by Karen Fairchild at the CMA awards, 2013:

photo found on

In my opinion, the dress is beautiful and fits her figure great.
she really needs some accessories to prevent a bit of boredom here.
Perhaps this?

salmon bib statement necklace for $6.71 (no, that isn't a typo!)
for sale at

The 'bumpy' texture of each stone drop mimics the lace in her dress
without overwhelming you with extras that keep your eyes busy. 
The gold accents around each stone is just enough.

I like these peachy nude suede heels for her also:
nude suede heels for $73.00
custom made at

They really bring out the undertones of her lace dress.
Nice accent!

Carrie Underwood wears a super flirty short cocktail dress:

Carrie Underwood at the People's Choice Awards
page by Cynthia Nellis at

An important part of Ms. Underwood's ensemble
is her marvelous smile.
Isn't it nice to see someone who genuinely looks 
like they are having fun?
With the fun 'glitter' confetti accents on her dress, you want to keep the accessories at a minimum.
However, wouldn't this look great -

nail polish duo by

This nail polish duo comes with a Gold polish you can wear alone,
or you can add the second polish on top. It is a clear lacquer with gold confetti in it.
Subtle enough, but a cute addition to this outfit!

I will finish today with one of my favorite actresses:

Katherine Heigl at the Screen Actor's Guild Awards

Ms. Heigl seems to be the actress the critics love to hate.
I don't agree, and neither does my husband!
If you stayed away from 'Mrs. Pollifax - Spy' because of the critics pan of it, go back and watch it!
Really, any of the movies that the critics have said 'nay' to,
you will probably want to go back and check them all out!
The lovely saturated shade of orange in Ms. Heigl's dress
does not compete with her hair.
I'm glad she added the sparkle strap on the left.
I think some fun nail polish could also compliment this look -

part of the Sweet Shimmer Collection at

First, the name of this polish is so fun -
'Orange You Glad I Didn't Say Banana'
hee hee
My reasons for choosing this shade is
1. There is glitter in it, to compliment her sparkle strap.
2. The polish is a shade lighter than her dress,
so her fingers don't disappear!

I like these vintage beaded shoes:
1940's beaded brocade pump for $159

They go well with her pearl clutch,
and with the length of the dress would only peek out

Well, that's it for today!
I hope you had fun imagining fashion accessories
and shoes and beads and everything!

'Tangerine Tango' hand beaded necklace with hand made glass beads
by inkspired

'til next time!
and on pinterest: K.Kloberdans

paper doll dress blank card
by inkspired

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Mermaid Splashes


"A Mermaid Weighs In"
by Bill Layne
found at

There are mermaids splashin' in my pool -

Mermaid Mysterious World

found at

Siren of the Sea

Check out Lew Foster's shop on etsy.
He is one of my favorite artists there!

found on

I don't mind their mer-friends so much,

illustration by Mabel Atwell
for "Water Babies"
found on

enchanting water fairies

vintage photo
found on

Crustacean Cafe, Mermaid Tea
found on

mermaids performing at
the Sip 'n Dip Lounge Tiki Bar, Great Falls, Montana
found on

Or even all the treasures they bring with them -

Mermaids of Atlantis
found on

'pirate treasure'
unknown source
Do you know? Leave a comment so I can credit it!

vintage mermaids by Chierri
found on

and I guess I don't mind all the 'stuff' they bring -

'a fisherman's secret'

1947 Jantzen swimsuit ad
found on

Florida Road Map, given out my SHELL Co.
found on

Kaira Andrade mermaid shoe advertisement
found on

It's all the non-mer friends that they bring along
that clutter up the pool....

vintage mermaids
found on

mermaid with sphere
found on

vintage tattoo art poster
found on

mermaid - sailor sternboard carving
by Jac and Patricia Johnson

mermaid wallpaper found on

I mean seashells and rocks and things are ok,
but the mer-friends that are critters
are just too many!!!

Mermaid and Goldfish by Judith Stein
found on

from an Art Nouveau Mermaid postcard
fabric block found on

mermaid by Andrew Loomis, from the 1940-1950 era
found on

The Little Mermaid by Disney
found on

...and some of them are sooooo big!

Metropolitan August magazine cover art
by Willy Pogany
found on

Mer-horses with King Titan
possibly by Walter Crane

"Chasing the Wind"
by Don Maite
found on

mermaid and walrus vintage illustration
found on

seahorse and mermaid
by Sue Halstenberg

...and now my pool seems like the
popular spot in the neighborhood,
and I don't have a full-time lifeguard on duty,
so you know what always happens...

Campari March advertisment
with Eva Longoria and admirers
found on

H. J. Ford illustration from the early 20th century
found on

The Little Mermaid saving the prince
unknown source
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"The Little Mermaid"
found on

I think I may as well give up,
and just enjoy them while they're here!

by David Puu
found on

May 15, 1926 Judge Magazine cover art
found on

marked July 2013
found on

1939 vintage photo
found on


'til next time,