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Yes! MORE Easter Egg fun!


vintage illustration

MORE Easter Egg fun today!!

watercolor and pen eggs by Alisa Burke

Ever optimistic,
I am now doing round 4 
of attempts to make Geode Eggs...
I will succeed......

(NO, those aren't my hoo)

Here is a very good tutorial I found online:

(NO, those aren't my eggs either...)

Here are some simple line and ink eggs:

Again, check out food safe alternatives if you plan on eating them...

What about using the water-in-the-barrel watercolor pens.
You could simply fill the barrel with water and food safe dye,
for a nice airbrushed watercolor effect..
that is totally edible.

I thought these eggs were so charming:

for sale at:

vintage illustration postcard

Here are some DIY egg terrariums.
You can find directions here:

My choice would be to add tiny dried flowers,
or those little silk ones...

courtesy Jan Brett - check out her wonderful website!

Noah's Ark Mural coloring page, Jan Brett

You can find a tutorial link for these
DIY Nail Polish Eggs

I read several tutorials from different crafters about the above 
Nail Polish Easter Eggs.

After reading them, I decided this one is NOT for me.
A big concern all had was about the
smell of the nail polish.
It also seemed like one of those really goopy kind of crafts,
not a favorite of mine, as you know!

But, if the idea intrigues you - go for it!

vintage Easter postcard

Next up are some really charming
'green' Easter Egg planters.

You can find the directions here:

Start out with fast growing wheat grass, a smidge of potting soil
and cardboard egg cartons.

After the grass has sprouted (see tutorial link above)
you place them inside the pre-colored egg shells.

The shells have been decorated/dyed
by using decals on the white shell,
then dying in a color bath.

Super cute I think! found on

So, are you sick of Easter Egg decorating yet???!!!

If not, put in my search blog box
Easter Egg
and you will find many more ways to have
Easter Egg decorating fun from my past blogs!

antique Easter postcard

Here is one more for today:

found on

This is a slightly different take on the Christmas ornaments that I used to make with my Mom and sister. We took round Styrofoam balls
- so for Easter use egg shaped
You can purchase small 'sequin' straight pins.
Gather a bunch of pretty sequins.

Anchor each sequin with one straight pin, pinned directly into the Styrofoam shape.
You can cover them, as shown in the photo above,
or you can make really fun patterns with swirls, dots, lines - whatever your imagination wants.

We found if a ball was completely covered with sequins, it made it heavy and the 'hanger' part pushed into the top wanted to come out way too easily, even when glue was applied.

That's when we started making patterns.
We also used cut out parts of doilies, anchoring them with straight pins, for really pretty and unique Christmas ornaments.

Since these are shown as just 'eggs' and don't appear to be meant to hang but to display in a pretty basket, you shouldn't be bothered with how 'heavy' the ornament is.

Send me your photos!!

...and because every holiday deserves a little mermaid...

'til next time!
and on pinterest: K.Kloberdans

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