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The Enormous Elephant alphabet time

Some photos are graphic in nature

E is for Elephant

by Gregory Colbert

"She owned the road
as an elephant owns the veldt
and like a big blue elephant
moved with massive grace
and dignity."

- David Drake, author

elephant in San Diego Zoo

mixed media sculpture, Israel

"Elephants, it turns out,
are surprisingly stealthy."

- Thomas French, Zoo Story: Life in the Garden of Captives

- but maybe not as babies!!!

E is for Elephant print

"Elephants can sense danger.
They're able to detect an approaching 
tsunami or earthquake before it hits."

 - Jennifer Richard Jacobson, Small as an Elephant

collage by

stained glass coloring page
courtesy Dover Books

pendant by

"We admire elephants in part
because they demonstrate what we consider 
the finest human traits:
social intelligence.
But the way we treat them puts on display 
the very worst 
of human behavior."

- Graydon Carter

credit: unknown

Shriner's Circus, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Asian Elephants in India

elephant in Indian Zoo
page by John Platt

Beating an elephant into submission for tourism
Thailand Elephant Tourism

"Elephants have the largest brains of any mammal
on the face of the Earth.
They are creative,
and kind."

- Ingrid Newkirk

vintage elephant head clip, courtesy Dover

courtesy Dover

"It's estimated that across Africa
100 elephants are killed for their tusks
every day.
It takes nothing more than simple math
to get to what that adds up to
in a year,
and it's a distressing figure."

- Graydon Carter

Sept, 2012

confiscated tusks

elephant in the grass

'Elephant Love'

a road roller crushes confiscated elephant tusks
worth $10 million, 
Quezone City, Metro Manila, 6-2013

"I don't know how many lions and leopards 
I've shot.
I've shot two elephants, which is enough -
never again.
It's a melancholy and moving thing 
to hunt an elephant.
It's like shooting an old man."

- Wilbur Smith

"Elephants love reunions.
They recognize one another
after years and years of separation
and greet each other 
with wild, boisterous joy.
There's bellowing and trumpeting,
ear flapping and rubbing.
Twines entwine."

- Jennifer Richard Jacobson,
Small as an Elephant

greeting at a mudbath
photo credit: Sigfried Wallach, c. 1998

Mila greets Mary, after being alone in a circus for 30 years.
Elephants don't forget.
San Diego Zoo

endangered species Sumatran Elephants greet each other

Shirley and Jenny meet again after being apart for 27 years.
Tennessee Elephant Sanctuary

"It is absurd for a man to kill an elephant.
It... is not heroic,
and certainly it is not easy;
it is just one of those preposterous things 
that men do
like putting a dam across a great river,
one tenth of whose volume could engulf
the whole of mankind
without disturbing the domestic life
of a single catfish."

- Beryl Markham, West with the Night

baby elephant trying to wake dead mother

Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Tanzania

"One hundred Pounder", Mozambique,
presumably refers to each tusk.

"Killing wildlife and trading in illegal rhino horn and elephant tusks are only misdemeanors in Mozambique.
Game wardens get $96 per month.
One elephant tusk is worth a minimum of $10,000 
in China or Korea, as an aphrodisiac."

- Sam Sloan

elephant coloring page
credit unknown

"I meant what I said
and I said what I meant -
An elephant's faithful,
one hundred percent!"

- Dr. Seuss

African elephants 'Follow the Leader"

I hope today's blog has inspired you,
touched you
and convinced you to be more active
in the preservation of these beautiful
giant beasts.

Bizarro elephant cartoon 2-19-2007

elephant trunk

'til next time,
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