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zentangle inspirations

from tangledmania on etsy

Let's zentangle today!!!

While the art of repetitive drawing has been around for centuries, there has been a recent revival in the arts and crafts world thanks in a large part to Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas. Their use of repetition combined with meditation type thinking has been coined as “Zentangle”.

Many of my zentangle designs I drew before I had read any book on the subject. 
I just love to doodle! 
After reading a couple of books on the subject, 
I have been able to open more doors into my creative mind.
Some might say my cluttered mind!! 
I prefer to call it imagination run amok (wonderful word).

'forest guardian goddess'
original zentangle design by inkspired

I have taken some of my zentangles 
and made original cards from them.

Here are a few:

I have taken a basic shape, 
and then filled in with zentangle doodles.

I find it to be sooooo relaxing!

I guess that's the 'zen' part of it!

'These Three Abide'

Here are some ideas from nature for you to try your hand 

at creating a nature-inspired zentangle:

Christmas Tree Worm

succulent botanical print of photo

pine berries

Sometimes we can find inspiration in objects around us:

handmade Murine chips, lamp work

the ceiling of the Bellagio Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

yellow cabs flooded in Hoboken, New Jersey, USA
in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy
photo credit Charles Sykes

I encourage you to get out some plain paper,
and try a little doodling on your lunch hour!

big heart zentangle original by inkspired

original zentangle design all occasion blank note cards by inkspired

Next, go purchase a little notebook with blank pages...

another inkspired original zentangle layered onto a blank notecard
with washi tape accent

You can doodle at the doctor's office..
doodle in line at the post office..
doodle while waiting for the train to pass..
doodle at the airport....
opportunities abound!!!

triple heart all occasion blank notecard

I like to purchase my notebooks with a spiral binding
and a sturdy cardboard backing.
That way I can draw with the book laying flat,
and the pages don't fall out.

My favorite is 
Mixed Media, vellum surface
5.5 in x 8.5 in

It is a 90 lb paper, so there is little if no bleed-through to the next page. It has a sturdy spiral binding. Acid free, it is ready for wet or dry media.
The size makes it very portable, and it fits into most purses.

My absolute favorite pens to use are
EnerGel Liquid Gel Ink in black or blue
.05 tip or .07 tip

They are refillable, which is just icing on the cake!

I have talked about zendoodles that are in a specific shape.
Now I'd like to introduce you to some that are not a specific item, object, person, etc.
They are just free-form zendoodles!

With the original zentangles you are taught to make dots on your paper, then connect-the-dots with a line.

You can see this in my zen above and below, 
as I have exaggerated the outer 'dots'.

After connecting the dots, you take your pen at one of the points, and draw a line to another outside line.

This will start to create individual spaces inside your zendoodle.

You can see them pretty clearly in the two doodles above.

Here is one I have drawn without the traditional
'rectangle' type border:

You can still see that there are areas separated within the outer doodle border.

Now, get ready to have some


I have had wayyyy too much fun making some 'magic carpets -

This is a 'magic carpet' zentangle that I have printed, hand cut out, and hand colored accents with red art pens.  Then I layered it onto a print of 1950's kitschy fun fabric re-prints.
(You can find these at Dover Publication)

Too, too fun!

This magic carpet I added 'tassels' to the outer four corners,
hand cut, hand accented with red art pens,
and layered onto woven paper strips.

Because the carpet is raised with dimensional double stick tape, it makes shadows onto the paper weaving layer. The shadows are only there due to the photographing method.

Here is another one layered onto recycled paper strips:

original zen pen and ink design by inkspired

Feel inspired to try your hand at it?
I hope so, as it is a wonderful new way to relax,
express your creativity
and just have fun!

'til next time,
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