Wednesday, December 18, 2013

a few of my favorite things


'peace' in Hebrew, 
spoken in Israel and many other countries

Jesus and the lion and the lamb

kershisnik nativity

A few of my favorite things....
like God's chosen people, the Jews -

and the wonderful nativity painting above.

I can just try to imagine all the angels and how excited and full of wonder they were when God's Son Jesus was born as a human!!

I also love the expression on Joseph's face!!!
...and did you notice that the dog sees the angels?

the angel appears to the shepherds
by Walter Rane

I love angels of all kinds.
I especially like 'male' angels, 
as all the angels that are mentioned by name in the Bible have male names!

artist unknown
found at

I love to learn about different languages,
and different countries, their people and customs.

I love children. All shapes and sizes!!

Hindustan Sikh children in traditional costume

Ambunti village girls at the Sepik Crocodile Festival
Papua New Guinea

school children cheering the Royal Irish Regiment, 2008

I love silly dogs!

our Great Dane Zeus, who always had to have something in his mouth...

I love humor and funny sayings!

nerd-o-vision pin

and quotes:

I love movies of all kinds!

animated funny....

'Despicable Me'

live action funny....

'Jingle All the Way'


'Mary Poppins'

and adventure!!

'Tarzan's Secret Treasure'

I could keep going with more movies, but I have so many favorite things...

like mermaids!

mermaid humor!

"Sea Weed Snack Mermaid"
Collage Art Doll, from all recycled junk mail

I love the sailors' mermaids too...
the gentle manatee

I love seashells, and beading...

an original design necklace I made with glass beads, wood and shell beads and natural sea shells

and coloring in coloring books!!!

Dover coloring book, colored with permanent bic markers
made into blank note cards for sale

I love paper collage,
and creating collages with recycled junk mail!

"and they shall call His name Emmanuel..."
original Collage Paper Painting by inkspired

and nursery rhymes, especially with vintage illustrations...

"The Queen of Hearts"
original Collage Paper Painting using all recycled junk mail
based on an 1889 vintage illustration

I love living in Colorado, USA...

Colorado Rocky Mountains

because I can never get enough of nature...
what an incredibly creative God we have!

which brings up my lifelong fascination and love with animals of all kinds!

like elephants...

beautiful pottery made by my friend Orna, from Israel

and lions...

and tigers....

Tatiana, at the San Francisco Zoo, USA

and bears!!!

grizzly bear
photo credit: Carol Bock

I love fairies...

poinsettia flower fairy
vintage illustration

and paper dolls
(you already knew that one, didn't you?!)

not sure where I found these vintage paper dolls,
but I do find so many wonderful paper dolls at

...that time has come where I must close for today.

It has been good to remind myself of all the wonderful things in this world!

I'm off to address a few Christmas cards.
What are you up to?

'til next time,
and on pinterest:   kkloberdans

'Party Decorating'
original Collage Art Doll with all recycled junk mail

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