Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Pirate Passion bug

Aye, matey,
I've gotten bit by the Pirate Passion Bug!
vintage photo


Yep, that be about right!
The Pirate Passion Bug!

carved vintage coconut pirate head

There be lots 'o booty fer all!

There be singin' an' dancin' too!

a lady pirate crew!

jointed sailor paper doll, unknown origin

The Pirates of Penzance

book cover illustration by H.B.Vestal

There be a-drinkin' and a-fightin' a'plenty!

Charles Schulz 'Peanuts'

'sea dogs and treasure chests'
pinterest board, kkloberdans

'sea dogs and treasure chests' pinterest board

Treasure Island painting by N.C.Wyeth

But mainly them fellers are right friendly!
Linda Ronstadt and Rex Smith in Pirates of Penzance

Ken and Barbie as pirates

pirate cow, rubberhedgehog stamps
'sea dogs and treasure chests' board on pinterest

pirate paper doll

it's all in good fun fer the crew....
Don Maitz pirate art

vintage pirate jumpin jack paper doll

Tyrone Powers

Muppet Treasure Island
If you haven't seen this - you are really missing out!!!

That's it fer today, mates.
I'll have more Pirate Passion next time!!

and on pinterest:  kkloberdans

'sea dogs and treasure chests' pinterest board

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