Friday, October 11, 2013

Fall Fashion Show

Welcome to a Fall Fashion Show

I love all the 'red carpet' style dress creations.

I love hand beaded jewelry.

Today, let's combine them into a

Fall Fantasy Show!!

Emily Blunt, Golden Globe Awards 2013

Selena Gomez  MTV, 2011

Michelle Williams, 2012

'Here Comes the Sun'

Cameron Diaz, 82nd Academy Awards

'Slaying Dragons'

original Collage Art Doll

Penelope Cruz at the Oscars

'Fall Tribal'

Angelina Jolie, WWZ premier, 2013 
Empire Leicester Square, London, England
photo cred: Fred Duval

'Kiss of the Spider Woman'

Jessica Alba, Golden Globe Awards

Anne Hathaway, Golden Globe Awards

Mila Kunis
credit unknown,

Amy Adams, Oscars, 2011

Halle Berry, Oscars, 2011

Screen Actor's Awards

Olivia Marchesa, Golden Globe Awards

necklace by Stefanie Girard

Diane Kruger

hand woven, netted necklace by inkspired

original Collage Art Doll by inkspired

Jennifer Lopez, Oscars

'Tangerine Tango'

Lucy Liu, Golden Globe Awards

Lea Michele, Golden Globe Awards

"Black Lace Barbie with Butterfly"
original Collage Art Doll by inspired

Selena Gomez, People's Choice Awards, 2011

Nicole Kidman, Sag Awards, 2013

Charlize Theron

'Turn up the Heat'

That's all for today!
I hope you are inspired to go play in your beads,
and to check out some of the etsy shops I have featured.

and on pinterest:  kkloberdans


  1. Your pairings are fabulous! and yes, I would adore seeing my Slaying Dragons necklace on the beautiful Cameron Diaz - in that dress, especially! I've shared this post on my Facebook page, I know my friends will love it.