Saturday, September 28, 2013

Splish Splashin' in the Rain


c.1912 Rain Drops Novelette 
vintage song sheet graphics

Ain't no little drip drip here...
        it's all splash,

vintage French paper doll with raincoat and umbrella
thanks to origamibears!

Yep, we have enough rain now,
thank you God.

c.1907 'Brother Noah Gave out Checks for Rain'
vintage song sheet graphics courtesy of Indiana Music Libraries

I sure am glad that Noah went through the earth-covering drench and floods instead of me.
Still, some days here it seems like God is going for another flood.....

vintage paper doll with rain gear

But God keeps His promises.
He has set the rainbow in the sky to remind us
that He will never flood the entire earth again....

c.1922 'After The Rain Song'

I think I'll go outside and look for one today!!

Just to make sure He hasn't changed His mind!!!

c.1919 'After the Shower'

Which is, of course, pure silliness.
God doesn't change His mind!

paper doll with raincoat
courtesy of

paper doll with coat/raincoat
courtesy of

I know that other places around the globe have received scads more rain than we have here in the Rocky Mountains and foothills, in the form of
hurricanes and floods and tornadoes
and all sorts of weather-nasties that bring
 bucket-loads of water.

c.1908 'Any Old Port in a Storm'

whenever things happen to yourself 
or your friend down the street
it seems so much more immediate, more real
doesn't it?

vintage paper dolls with pink raincoat

My heart goes out to the many many people
that have lost their homes, and loved ones.

c.1907  'I Miss You like the Roses Miss the Rain'

vintage Lace On doll with raincoat, hat and boots

I thought today would be a good day

vintage paper doll with raincoat and umbrella
Don't forget to add tabs!

vintage French paper doll with raincoat, hat and umbrella

"The sun'll come out
tomorrow!..." clip from musical 'Annie'

'It Takes a Little Rain with the Sunshine to Make the World Go Round'

vintage paper doll with raincoat and galoshes
courtesy origamibears

Well, that concludes my rain-filled blog of today!

"The older one gets the more one feels that the present must be enjoyed;
it is a precious gift.
Comparable to a state of grace."

-Marie Curie

c.1920 "Rain"

If you are stuck inside I hope my 
plethora* of paper dolls 
and vintage song sheet covers 
have inspired you to have some fun....
in spite of the rainy day!

*wonderful word! it means: lots and lots!

paper doll set by John Axe - personal use only please!


and on pinterest:  kkloberdans

"Autumn's Fair Maid"
original Collage Paper Painting by inkspired
using all recycled junk mail

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