Sunday, July 28, 2013

Rocky Mountain High


Horseshoe Park, Fall River, Colorado Rocky Mountains

I have been down and out for a week or so.
Migraines, rods/screws in the back, storm headaches, muscle spasms...
...just choose one...or two...or three!!

Yet, God is good.
He allowed me to sing today in church during the praise and worship time with the worship song team.

Big Horn Sheep, Colorado Rocky Mountain National Park

WHooooHoooo - boy! That was fun!!

So why the Colorado Rocky Mountain pictures?

Vail, Colorado mountain meadows

We are just starting practices on Tuesday evenings.
This past week our new Praise Leader, Kerrie Anne, picked out 4 songs for us to sing during church on the next Sunday (today).
Well, being new and all she doesn't know all the songs we are familiar with,
and ALL FOUR SONGS she picked most of us had never heard of!!

NOT ONE of the 4 songs did ALL of us know!!!

mountain lion

(This is a photo representing me, trying to read the words on that itty bitty screen up above us!)

Soooo, we practiced.
And practiced.
And practiced....until my arm was going to fall off at the shoulder because of holding that 'mike' up for so long!!

Mount Meeker and Longs' Peak, Colorado Rocky Mountains
photo cred: Brendan Reals

Then it was time to go home and practice a whole lotta' more!

Fox pup with mother, Breckenridge, Colorado

Kerrie Anne graciously provided us with Mp3s and YouTube videos for each of the songs.
Go, Kerrie Anne!

Each day I would try to sit long enough to listen to each of the songs, as many times per day as I could.

Bull elk grazing near Trail Ridge Road,
Colorado Rocky Mountain Mountains
by Randall Roberts

Cub Lake and the Stones Mountains
Rocky Mountain National Park

So, again you ask, what's with all the Colorado Rocky Mountains pix?

As I sat at the computer to sing-along with the Mp3s and YouTubes,
I put up many different pictures of Colorado and the Rocky Mountain National Park as a background set that changed every 15 seconds. I could then enjoy the beauty while I was practicing my songs!

I think this is a Dahl's Sheep

Colorado Rocky Mountains

Let me tell you, talk about inspiration!
What better way to sing praises to God than looking at and being absorbed by His beautiful creations!
Even if it had to be indoors this time....

North American Grey Wolf, Rocky Mountains

San Juan Mountains, Colorado

And learning 4 new songs in 4 days, for someone who can take months to learn one song that doesn't have sheet music?
I think I did pretty good - by God's grace!

Grizzly Bear, Colorado Rocky Mountains

Bear Lake Trail, Rocky Mountains National Park

I wanted to share the beauty with you...

Rocky Mountain elk herd

and since I love God's creatures just as much, (refer back to my numerous blogs on critters!) you know I had to include some Rocky Mountain creatures!

a visitor just outside of Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Should we call the fire department to get the cat out of the tree??

Rocky Mountain National Park

I am just 20 minutes or so from the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.
We are so privileged to be so close to these magnificent reminders of Jesus -
the Solid Rock!
(yep, that was one of the songs, only to a new tune for me.)

Bald Eagle, Rocky Mountain Arsenal

Here's a little side note:
The Rocky Mountain Arsenal and Buckley Air Force Base have been home to the endangered Bald Eagle for decades!

While once these places were 'way the heck out there', the sprawling urban developments of Denver now surround these areas.
Since they are military sites, they have retained a lot of acreage, so the Bald Eagles still feel comfortable to make nests, hatch eggs and cut our sizable Prairie Dog population down!

Colorado Rocky Mountain High,
Ouray, Colorado

Alamosa, Colorado

and another Colorado 'kitty'

Colorado lynx 
photo by Ken Curtis

Rocky Mountain National Park

Wellll....  that's all, folks!
I hope I have added some beauty into your life today.
Why not share it?
July 28, 2013

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Needle Mountains and the Colorado River, Colorado

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Dog Days of Summer Silliness

Yes, I WILL fit here

Aren't dogs the silliest things?
We have been adopted by 4 Great Danes over the past few years.
The Great Dane -

But on the other hand.....
they are the silliest dogs every!

Just a few more minutes, mom...

REALLY, I'm just a little old lap dog...

So today we will celebrate all things silly,
that happen to be in a dog fur coat...

dog humor,

I found all these wonderful funny dog pics on google.
There is apparently a movement out in the internet world called

"Dog Shaming"

People write a simple note on a white piece of paper or card,
and snap a photo of the culprit with the 'shame card'.

I laughed alot.

Have giggly-kind of day!!

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original paper Collage Art Doll by inkspired

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Feeling a Zen Zone coming on...

"Reach high,
for stars lie hidden in your soul.
Dream deep,
for every dream precedes the goal."

- Mother Teresa

Today is a zen day!
Zentangle day that is!

blank notecard by inkspired

Have you caught the zentangle bug?
Love to doodle?
Draw random designs?
Then ZENTANGLE is for you!

original zentangle design blank notecard by inkspired

I have doodled for years.
Drawn all sorts of things in the borders of all my school notes,
numerous notebooks and sketchbooks,
and on church bulletins!

blank notecard,

"Dancing with the feet is one thing,
dancing with the heart is another!"

- anonymous, a very prolific writer

original zentangle design blank note card by inkspired

So, what exactly is 'zentangle'?
Well, it is a catch phrase for drawing repetitive designs,
aka: doodling!,
usually with pen and ink,
but can also be pencil, colored markers, and more.

zentangle turtle on hand woven recycled paper scrap

While the art of repetitive drawing has been around for centuries, there has been a recent revival in the arts and crafts world thanks in a large part to Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas. Their use of repetition combined with meditation type thinking has been coined as “Zentangle”.

palm tree original zentangle design by inkspired, 2013.

To put it simply,
you get to doodle with a purpose,
in an abstract way, or a representative way
with any writing utensil you may have at hand!

There are no wrongs or rights.
What a freedom for the artist
or the wanna be artist
or the non-artist!


Now, I hear people say all the time
"I'm not creative".


We are all created in the image of G-d.
The Bible states that very clearly,
both Old Testament and New Testament.

Is G-d not creative?
Just look at the intricacy of a leaf....

lacy leaf,

or the humor and design of a platypus....

or how about the patterns and designs we find in nature?

tropical discus fish

Do these not show the creativity of a Creator?

I think the answer is a resounding

So, logically,
if we are created in the image of God,
and God is a creative being,
and is named
'The Creator'
we must be also

ocean coral reef

In fact, nature has many inspirations for zentangle.

Look around, see what patterns you can see!
Remember, there is no wrong zentangle.

Goddess, part of my Goddess zentangle series of blank notecards
by inkspired

an original inkspired design 2013

I hope I have inspired you today to try out this wonderful creative outlet!

DO please share your images.
I would love to post them in a future blog!!

What is your favorite drawing medium?

Just leave a note in the comments section.

We can work out what size I need for posting your creations too!

Forest Tribal Goddess
original inkspired design, Goddess series, blank note card

until next time,

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