Thursday, June 27, 2013

my favorite summer colors

hand made pottery

Yes, another day without my beloved computer.
BUT... it is getting fixed.
Did I mention I am on an oooold keyboard too?
Can't wait for tomorrow, when the computer will be back where it belongs,
in our office!

Today I want to share a few items from my new treasury:

"my favorite summer colors"

original beaded necklace

Today's pictures will be from that.
You can find the entire treasury here:

real orchids within soap

I really enjoy browsing on etsy. I always find things I just love,
but unfortunately I can't afford them all!!!
So, I 'window shop' and then put some favorites of mine into treasuries!

handmade collar

For instance,
the above handmade collar is just one of 80 different designs and styles that this shop offers.
It is based out of Istanbul, Turkey!
Since I can't personally go to Turkey at this time
(but really, really hope I get there some day)
I can go 'window shopping' in Turkey, via etsy!

lemon jasper drilled stone

The etsy store Balibagus is based out of New Jersey, USA, but seems to have primarily stones and carved bone in the Balinese style.

They have some really wonderful carved recycled bone pendants.
Here is one:

carved sea turtle from recycled bone

Hey! You just took a quick trip to New Jersey!!


You can check out all my treasuries here:

This one is from my treasury "M is for Mermaid" -
rare Siam brooch

I'll end today with a favorite Funny Poem from
'Arrow Book of Funny Poems'
collected by "Eleanor Clymer

This was a Scholastic Book item, from my 5th Grade year.
No, I won't tell you what year that was,
it was a 'while ago'!!


"There must be magic,
How could day turn to night?
And how could sailboats,
Go sailing out of sight?
And how could peanuts,
Be covered up so tight?"
- Aileen Fisher

Have a 'cool' summer day!

inkspired (currently on vacation, until I get my computer back!)
and on pinterest: kkloberdans

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