Saturday, June 29, 2013

Ah, those lovable computers!


"peace" in the Bengali language, spoken in Bangladesh

I have been browsing some of my older posts,
and read how I opened so many of them with the word




in different languages from around the world.

Today, I want to thank all the readers of my blog from



Bangladeshi children from the wetlands of Bangladesh
harvesting water lilies

Hello and welcome!
Today I get my computer back!!! Yippee!!!
It should be up and running by tomorrow. I am really looking forward to all my saved documents, including all my blog material that is on it. It may only be 'saved' from March, backwards. Oh well, I'll take that if I can have my computer back! My husband is very good at making back-up discs. The most recent one 'failed', not sure why. So March is the 'saved' one before that.

The computer people say that most people never back up their computers, or do it so infrequently that it is so outdated as almost unusable.
a reminder to all you computer owners -

Make Back-Up Discs

just in case your computer 'crashes'.

computer humor
copyright Randy Glasbergen

"Deep into that darkness peering,
long I stood there,
wondering, fearing, doubting,
dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared
to dream before."

- Edgar Allan Poe

I'm sorry, I do not know who drew this.
If you know, please tell me so I can give credit where credit is due.
I found it at

That's it for today, folks!

Take time for a giggle today!
and on pinterest: kkloberdans
"Time for Flowers"
original paper Collage Art Paper Doll by inkspired
using recycled paper dolls and junk mail

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