Saturday, April 13, 2013

I have my eye on Spring flowers

my garden in front...

I have cheery yellow and white daffodils blooming, and my purple hyacinths just poked their purple heads up. This year I have 3! Last year I had 2, and the previous year I had one hyacinth bloom that I had planted the year before. I have been told that hyacinths can really spread....
at this rate.... I should have a nice garden of them when I am 70 years old!

photo by adam jones and photo researchers,

I look forward every year for my first blooms. I'm not sure how this spring will turn out however, as my first batch of blooming daffodils had to suffer under several inches of snow.
Now I have a few brave stems blooming again, and my hyacinth is budding and...

below freezing weather starting tomorrow!

That's the Rocky Mountain foothills of the USA for you!
We have a common saying, I'm sure other states have it too, but ours is:

Tired of the weather?
Wait a few minutes and it will change!

and it is sooo true.
You can send your child off to school in the morning in shorts and a t-shirt with hot sun and very warm weather...
and pick them up in the afternoon with a couple of inches of snow and sleet they have to trudge through!

found on

Next I have a paper doll set that shared.
I like the little girls because they have good Spring weather clothes -
sun dresses, head kerchiefs and light coats!

Being drawn with gorgeous flowers didn't hurt any either...

published 1969 by ArtCraft

I think I may pop outside for a minute or two and try to take photos of my wildflowers and hyacinth before the cold winds come in....

Oh! GGGGRRRRRrrrrrr... my camera battery is too low. It is the kind of battery that you plug in and re-charge, not the kind you can just pop in new ones...
But, it's my fault as I seem to dimly recall the last time I got it out it had no battery level, and I seemed to have just put it back!

Let's have another paper doll to soothe the frustrated brow -

This is a paper doll set from a vintage Jack and Jill magazine,
courtesy of Vogue Patterns 

I have mentioned a new blog site I found with lots and lots of paper dolls -

I just found another wonderful paper doll site -

I have been spending many happy hours checking them all out!!!

Here is Clarissa:

courtesy of

A tip:
I did find that there are several sets that are pretty much useless except to kind of squint at. They were saved at really small jpeg levels, so really not clear enough to print and cut.

Another tip:
The cover may be small, but the dolls and clothes will be a nice size jpeg.

a Third tip:
After opening the paper doll file, click on the individual page.
It will come up in another size many times.
Don't go by your 'eye', as several times I thought
'Oh, this is the same size as the original page'
but after checking, no, it wasn't!

There were a few that I REALLY wanted, but were so small...
I successfully changed them up 150% for a decent print.
Try that out on the Hollywood Dollies vintage set!

Norma Shearer, "Hollywood Dollies" set

Why don't you let me know what you found,
and whether you liked the site?
I am always loooving feedback!

Let's grab a few more Spring flowers, and I'll see you next time...

spring time in Tunisia, courtesy Tunisia Tourism Board

I believe this says something like 'Happy Easter'.

I am so sorry, but I did not record what shop these came from.
If you go to and type into the search box
crochet flowers
you should be able to find them.


and on pinterest: kkloberdans

My etsy shops are on vacation right now as I work on some new things,
and try to handle the changing winds, arthritis and migraines.
You can always leave a comment here if you would like to purchase something 
you have seen, that I have hand made.

Also any questions!!!

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  1. you have daffodils already? not fair,mine are still under a snow bank. Tulips are trying but not making much progress. Sign, ready for some green and it may even be a decent spring since we have had some moisture.