Tuesday, March 19, 2013

those colorful eggs...

three crochet eggs www.HolidayMemories.etsy.com

Isn't coloring Easter eggs fun?
If you haven't done it in a few years, I suggest you try it this year!
Seeing brightly colored eggs really perks your day up.
Enjoying delicate, pastel colors does the same!

Styrofoam egg shapes with Perle cotton thread, flowers and ribbons
by Martha Stewart

You can plan on eating your colorful creations,
or saving them as decorations.

decoupaged wooden eggs with old world maps and vintage clippings

'little eggs' , sorry - unknown credit

Here are a few coloring pages to stimulate your creativity!

both courtesy Dover Books

Hoppie Rabbit
both courtesy of Jan Brett

baby blanket by P.Russell
silk tie-dyed eggs by inkspired

Why not try a special Easter Egg centerpiece this year?
Here are a few ideas -


You could use pine needles for the little nests,
or check out your local craft store for inexpensive ones.
Then put your own special eggs in the nests!

Here's another charming idea:

sorry, no credit

Using a straw hat (you can find these at the dollar store in pretty pastel colors too), fill the bottom with filler. This could be Easter egg 'grass', confetti shred tissue paper, or even silk leaves.
Place on top your Easter eggs. 
Tuck in around the eggs either more of the filler, or even tuck in some greenery.
I would also add a big shimmery ribbon around the bottom.


Use any clear glass container.
Scrounge your cupboards!
Place skinny flower vase in the center. 
Fill with enough water for your fresh cut flowers.
Fill in around the flower vase with Easter eggs,
placing them between the flower vase and the sides of the glass container.
Fill the center vase with fresh cut flowers.
Don't want to mess with fresh?
You can always use silk flowers!

courtesy Martha Stewart

I'm sure you can find the directions for this on Martha Stewart's web site.
It involves a large styrofoam egg.
small silk flowers (like hydrangea), and pearl headed pins.
Use sheet moss for the base.

A few more decorated eggs -

no credit, sorry

Use pre-cut felt borders to blown and dried eggs.
You can also use those fancy gold or silver outline stickers.
If you have some kind of die-cut machine, I believe you can use
sticky on the back felt or stiffened felt to cut your own motifs.
Then just stick on the eggs!


I love the pom pom idea!
I think I would try for all pastel colors...
Her Perle cotton wrapped egg is also a great example.
Any ideas on the fancy satin, pearl and trim egg?


I like the above idea for a couple of reasons.
First, the eggs. 
They are a great example of what clear glitter can do to fairly simple eggs!

The shred used is just that - paper shred. Much better than plastic Easter grass.

Thirdly, it shows you can use any glass container and end up with a charming and lovely Easter Egg centerpiece for your table, or a little nook.

Here's another 'nest' using magazine shred and fancy eggs:

courtesy Martha Stewart

The eggs appear to be decoupaged with washi papers.

Here is another example of washi paper eggs:


Well, that's it for today!
see you soon...

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